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The Cardinal Sarah/Benedict XVI book is getting a lot of attention for its defense of mandatory clerical celibacy. One of the most-quoted conclusions reads as follows: The priesthood of Jesus Christ causes us to enter into a life that consists … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict’s F

I noticed a letter from Pope Benedict XVI released last night. I took a brief look at it, then spent a bit more time with it today. It’s a frustrating read. I understand complaints about 1968, and about moving forward … Continue reading

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What Could Popes Have Known?

Archbishop Viganò’s central premise is that two popes knew about Archbishop McCarrick’s abuse of seminarians and its cover-up among American prelates. Granted, Richard Sipe’s letters and other efforts are pretty damning. Even the ex-nuncio’s testimony has the ring of truth … Continue reading

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Papal Self-Citation

Frequent commenter FrMichael mentioned Pope Francis in a comment, referring to … … the endless self-citation he is apt to do … Apparently all recent popes do it. I checked the footnotes in three early papal documents, all apostolic exhortations: … Continue reading

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Celebrity Followings

Robert Mickens compares Benedict and Francis on their fanboys and girls. Raul Castro and Al Gore get a lot of snickers in certain Catholic circles, but maybe it’s all in the head: Interestingly, (Pope Francis’s) predecessor also had a following of celebrity … Continue reading

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Francis on Benedict

Perhaps somewhere there is a quote from the man of Assisi about the man of Nursia. But this is from the recent Mexican interview with the present-day Pope Francis. Speaking of his predecessor’s resignation: I think that what Pope Benedict … Continue reading

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MSW on JP2 Bishops

Michael Sean Winters at NCRep “remembers” Pope John Paul II here. I think it is possible to be fond of the man, yet remain critical on some points. Peter can be the template. We can admire the man, invoke him … Continue reading

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Of Red Shoes, Non-Prada

Thirteen months on, it remains a vast amusement to see some conservative Catholics spinning Pope Francis to fit their worldview. Apparently, it’s not enough to read and consider the man’s words. William Oddie at Catholic Herald offers a take on “Should Pope … Continue reading

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