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Unpopular Popes

Jimmy Mac sent me The Tablet link suggesting the pope is surrounded by sharks: (In her book, author Hannah Roberts) names the main characters of the conservative “opposition”, which include Cardinals Gerhard Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of … Continue reading

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Resignation Valid

Pope Emeritus Benedict lays down the law on his resignation: There is absolutely no doubt regarding the validity of my renunciation of the Petrine ministry. … (T)he only condition for validity of my resignation is the complete freedom of my … Continue reading

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Balance on Benedict

I was struck by the gracious summary on NCRep by Thomas Reese, SJ on Pope Benedict. This piece of analysis rang true to me: As a German professor, he was used to lecturing students who took down his words, memorized them … Continue reading

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Stones Keep Rolling

“The Cover” is several days old but the commentary on it continues to roll out. After a few days, perhaps said commentary becomes a little more thoughtful and nuanced. From Twitter, I was alerted to Lincoln’s Bishop James Conley’s piece in First … Continue reading

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It’s been interesting to follow the reactions of both individuals and news outlets to Pope Francis’ Rolling Stone article and in its aftermath. Zenit reported on Federico Lombardi’s talk in Spain in which he described the strengths of the three … Continue reading

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This Must Sting

I might be wrong in my reading of the situation in February 2013, but I think there was hope in some quarters of Catholicism that Pope Benedict was setting us up for a more heavy-handed expression of the Roman way … Continue reading

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Arinze (and Others) on B16

It’s shot to number four on the BBC’s most-read news feed, this piece on why Pope Benedict resigned. Journalist Mark Dowd asked Cardinal Arinze about Vatileaks. The response: It is legitimate for a person to speculate and say ‘Maybe,’ because … Continue reading

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