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Another Interview

Rocco whispered this translation of another Pope Francis interview. Some highlights: The CDWDS will always be headed by a cardinal: The head of a dicastery such as the … liturgical dicastery …  will always be a cardinal. This is best because … Continue reading

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On Female Cardinals

Pope Francis has supposedly shut the door on appointing women to the college of cardinals: I don’t know where this idea sprang from. Women in the Church must be valued not “clericalized.” Whoever thinks of women as cardinals suffers a bit … Continue reading

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Where Reform Begins

Another Pope Francis interview is up at La Stampa. I liked this response to the question about curial reform: A few months ago, an elderly cardinal said to me: “You have already started Curia reform with your daily masses in … Continue reading

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A Lot To Do

The pope’s interview went 12,000 words. How many millions have the pundits spilled on it? I liked this Jesuit’s commentary. Francis is giving us a lot to do. His fresh air brings new life to the church and renews the … Continue reading

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More Misreading

Over at RNS, Mark Silk isn’t above tweaking ideological foils. He takes aim at Rod Dreher’s piece here. A lot of Catholic handwringing, even the little that’s coming from the Left, seems to me to be more “elder brother” fussing. … Continue reading

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Left? Right? Wrong

I’d like to use John Allen’s summary as a springboard into what I think are deeper issues with the Pope Francis interview. Another commenter I read today–it might have been on PrayTell–suggested that Pope Francis is operating on a totally … Continue reading

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