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Ten Quotes

… cited here, along with some fine images, as one expects from National Geographic. Do you think the One made it? Have your own one favorite quote? If so, the boxes are yours.

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NG on PF

Rocco whispered the National Geographic feature on Pope Francis. It’s a smartly written piece, and it asks the question will PF change the Vatican or will it be the other way around? I suspect we have the answer to that. … Continue reading

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Laudato Sii: A Continuation of Tradition

Vincent Miller has a brief piece locating Pope Francis’s forthcoming encyclical squarely within the tradition of Leo XIII, John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II. Pope Francis’s letter on the environment, is thus not at all unusual. It will continue … Continue reading

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A Catechetical Shift

Pope Francis addressed a meeting hosted by the Pontifical Council for Promotion of the New Evangelization. You can go to the link for a bit more context, but here’s the conclusion of the address as reported by asianews.it: The question … Continue reading

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Trading Control Panel for Shepherd’s Staff

A confluence of two stories today struck me. First, Pope Francis on the relationship between bishops and lay people in a talk Rocco labelled “Pastors, Not Pilots.” Read, please: In reality, the laity who have an authentic Christian formation shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Pope Francis on Spiritual Direction

CNS had a feature with a hodgepodge of Pope Francis answering questions, but his comments on spiritual direction caught my attention: In the other diocese I had, I always asked the sisters who came to me asking advice, ‘But tell … Continue reading

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Celebrity Followings

Robert Mickens compares Benedict and Francis on their fanboys and girls. Raul Castro and Al Gore get a lot of snickers in certain Catholic circles, but maybe it’s all in the head: Interestingly, (Pope Francis’s) predecessor also had a following of celebrity … Continue reading

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