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Airplane Magisterium, Ivory Tower Magisterium

I saw one comment on the pope’s rabbit remark, something about an airplane magisterium. Strange, but I never thought of Pope Benedict as exercising an ivory tower magisterium just because the basis of his clerical career was as a professor … Continue reading

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Curia Criticism

I notice a lot of commentary on the pope’s Christmas speech to the curia. Perhaps an unexpected piece of support was from that radical, Walter Kasper, who views Pope Francis as a “Jesuit spiritual guide”: The fundamental thing is he wants … Continue reading

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Just Get Some Rest

It’s not just the curia who could be looking at Pope Francis’s blistering message. It occurred to me that many of the ailments describe the sicknesses of pastoral ministry. I was struck by the second one as personally applicable, that … Continue reading

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On Cuba

Pope Francis expresses joy. Senator Marco Rubio needs a napkin. And maybe a civics lesson in the difference between an executive branch and a legislative branch of government. Looks like the ranks of the Catholic Confused just expanded by one. … Continue reading

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Headline Grubbing

Note John Allen’s enemies list piece at Crux. Sheesh. Practically every Catholic bishop in the world is a conservative. You could put all their names in an oversized mitre and draw ten randomly out of that hat, and it would be a … Continue reading

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I have a moderately high opinion of John Allen’s endeavor at Crux. My caution is that I think he’s finding it difficult to fill the space that earlier this month was filled by the synod. I think he makes good … Continue reading

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Going Further

After I read Cardinal Nichols’ brief pastoral letter on the recent family synod, I got the idea Pope Francis is operating on a totally different plane from some of his critics. Cardinal Nichols pooh-poohs the idea the synod was a … Continue reading

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