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Football, Plumbing, and Blogging

Swansea, and 17 other Premier League teams finished up their seasons yesterday. The ten-match simulcast on American networks took place in the morning. And being a Sunday churchgoer, I missed the live action. After I got home from a wedding consultation … Continue reading

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Can Swans Swim the English Channel?

I took a day off to clean up around the house and pack. Took a break to watch Swansea City poach three points off Arsenal. It wasn’t the most exciting ninety minutes of sport, but it was an effective display … Continue reading

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Swans Swim in Sea of Green

On the Premier League site, a Twitter analysis of how twenty football teams are followed around the world. Not being active on Twitter, I did not register anything for Swansea City in the upper Midwest. I noted that slim piece … Continue reading

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Minnesota Heading to MLS?

Minnesota United has had me on their e-mail list since I visited there last summer to see Swansea City in person. They are excited about getting MLS team #24. Or 25. Or something. As you may be aware, MLS executives have … Continue reading

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Gambit Roots For Spurs

White cat sticks close to White Hart Lane as Harry Kane lifts his side to the top of North London. Swans versus Black Cats next.

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Football Half Time

I mentioned to my wife today’s game marked the end of the first half of the Premier League: 190 games down, 190 to go. She asked, what will you do when it’s over? Go to school, I guess. Like last … Continue reading

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A Match In Three Acts

I viewed the Man City match versus Spurs today before heading to the office. Blogging will be light, as I have duty at four Masses plus the student retreat. The announcers were talking about missing the Premier League after a … Continue reading

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Premier League

The young miss loves soccer. We follow happenings foreign and domestic, including the British Premier League, which opens today. I’m finishing up at the student leadership retreat, so over the lunch hour, my daughter and I have been texting back … Continue reading

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