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Cinquant’anni Dopo 3-5: Christ’s Role in the Liturgy

We continue our examination of Cardinal Robert Sarah’s June 2015 essay for L’Osservatore Romano. I’ve used an “early” translation, attributed here to Michael J. Miller at Catholic World Report. I’ve also titled this series of posts according to the first … Continue reading

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Cinquant’anni Dopo 1-2

Cardinal Robert Sarah’s June 2015 essay for L’Osservatore Romano has made significant rounds, especially on reform2 sites. It’s not a terribly long piece, and I thought it worthwhile to have an in-depth look at it. I’ve used an “early” translation, … Continue reading

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Paying A Mortgage

Much has been made of Pope Francis’ remarks on liturgy to Rome’s diocesan clergy. But I found it more interesting his comments on “retread” seminarians: (Pope Francis) then referred to the case of some bishops who accepted “traditionalist” seminarians who … Continue reading

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Cupich on Liturgy

New Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich was supposedly tapped to serve in Milwaukee a few years ago, but the move was blocked overseas, according to Rocco Palmo. That’s a fascinating little tidbit, as is the fact this is the first incoming … Continue reading

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The Three

Over the years here (on this blog) and there (elsewhere in the Catholic blogosphere) we’ve discussed a good bit of liturgical music. The three judgments, introduced to most American church musicians in the 1972 document Music in Catholic Worship (MCW), … Continue reading

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Lent 2 Antiphons and Psalms

There have been some interesting, perhaps heated discussions about the Mass propers lately. It seems to me more like a dialogue of the deaf. I thought that since this weekend’s offerings from the Roman Antiphonary are typical, it might be … Continue reading

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Throwing In The Towel

I’ve been following NLM these past few weeks, and commenting there a bit. I think they forgot they banned me a number of years ago. My days may already be numbered there–who knows? Another voice seems to be giving up … Continue reading

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What Inspires?

Another illustrative thread at the CMAA here. First a citation to an editorial that seems to confuse the decades: In the 1960s, many of our church leaders were seminarians.¬† It was a time when Gregorian chant was forcibly submerged below … Continue reading

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PrayTell linked to the speculation over the curia, that it’s time for Pope Francis to slip some new guys into key posts. Most of the interest will be in the Secretary of State position. But they mention liturgy too. A … Continue reading

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