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Persistence of Bad Vision

I continue to be amazed at the persistent misreading of the John Jay Report by many online Catholics. Just recently, a priest blogger offered an off-hand comment that “most of the sex abuse by priests was against young men.” I … Continue reading

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No Smell of Goat

Week five of my Ignatian online retreat asks me to look at the deep and real evil in the world. The web site: How much denial of God’s right to praise, reverence, and service can we experience this week? How … Continue reading

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Lincoln Still An Outlier

The 2012 annual report on the Charter is up at USCCB. Let’s consult a map: The USCCB president: I acknowledge with great appreciation all those who contributed time and effort to this significant achievement. At the same time, we also … Continue reading

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More Myers and Fugee

Interesting developments in New Jersey. RNS recounts it as Fugee out, Myers still in. The full piece is in NJ.com: The Rev. Michael Fugee, who attended youth retreats and heard confessions from minors in defiance of a lifetime ban on such … Continue reading

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More Heat for +Myers

It’s coming at the archbishop on many fronts. North New Jersey parents are ticked off. A wayward priest, forgiven by his archbishop, was with their kids. This is predictable, and justifiable anger. It’s complete craziness that the church can let … Continue reading

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So … when the Vatican says it won’t ordain any bishops for a country until an investigation is complete, is it something like an “episcopal interdict?” Cardinal Marc Ouellet, head of the Congregation for Bishops, has communicated his office will not … Continue reading

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Is Newark the Next Kansas City?

Rock has this piece on his Twitter feed today. It doesn’t look good for Archbishop Myers in New Jersey. A priest of his archdiocese entered into a binding legal agreement to avoid a retrial for criminal sexual contact. (He) would … Continue reading

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