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Mary Did You Know You Would Be On A Christmas Stamp?

That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. Almost as heralded as the Hallmark Christmas Movie event is the release of seasonal stamps by the US Postal Service. If they ever get to your little house in the country, that is. … Continue reading

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War? What War?

A fb friend poked some at former Wisconsin guv Scott Walker on his attempt to resuscitate the War on Christmas. Commercial radio has begun to broadcast seasonal fare in my area. I heard bits to most of five songs in … Continue reading

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This Means War

If it’s November, it means we’re on for the War on Christmas Starbucks. Just a disclaimer here: I probably drink one of their coffees about twice a year, making it unlikely I will drink out of a gay or pagan … Continue reading

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The War On The War On Christmas

I have a facebook friend who thinks the War on Christmas is largely a fake these days. In the past, some conservatives took it upon themselves to make a personal fight in the season. But now, it’s mainly the liberals … Continue reading

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Seeing Red

Wait, let me guess … Pentecost? Good Friday? Some Pacific Northwest martyr? Readers know I’m not inclined to defend corporations, even ones with local roots. But if a few non-conscientious objectors in the War on Christmas are demanding “Bible verse … Continue reading

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WoC Post-Game

When I was a more hardcore sports fan, I loved the post-game. My wife might have though tit was time to change the channel to some PBS Mystery, but I liked to catch Chris Berman on ESPN after the last … Continue reading

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An Infusion of the Holy into Holiday Music

On the drive to Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, we tuned in to two of central Iowa’s “Christmas stations.” I told my wife about my plan to count mentions of Jesus in holidays music. I think she’s amused by little projects like … Continue reading

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