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Leicester_City_crestWith Leicester’s win today, I added the last nine contests of last season for a 38-match total of 24 wins and 82 points. That seems to be something of a consistency that suggests the other contenders this season have a bigger mountain to climb to surpass the Foxes.

The so-called big five, otherwise known as the 3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th, and 10th best teams in today’s Premier League, are supposedly pondering a European Super-League to replace the Champions League. Apparently some deep-pocketed owners rather like the American model that rewards money over actual achievement. If something like this were to take off, I’m sure the quality would at least approach the top European leagues. There would be a lot more air travel, obviously. I wonder how teams like Barca and Bayern Munchen would deal with going from one or two league losses in a season to about ten. Would some managers be seen as less genius material if they won a super-Euro title every five or ten years? Or occasionally had a 15-loss season? Would Chelsea supporters (for example) be satisfied with a team at the bottom of a table with a stat line of, say, five wins, twenty-five losses, and eight draws?

swan-in-attack-mode-2Swansea City continues to mystify me, even when they win. Like today. They appear to be out of danger, just a week after Brit pundits had written them off for relegation. Two more wins are needed for safety, and I hope they can pull it off by mid-month.

Meanwhile, a one-time “big” club are facing the real prospect of going down. The NBC pundits were saying today Newcastle Premier_League_svgdoesn’t deserve to be a PL club.

Someone was asking me last night if I was following college basketball, and I said no, not being in a college town any longer. One sport seems enough for me, and with the Premier League, I don’t need to be bothered watching soap operas either.

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