Bible Readings for the Sick and Dying

In 1983, the second English translation of the pastoral care rites was released for liturgical and pastoral ministry. These rites are a collection of prayers and rituals for believers who are sick or dying, and also for their loved ones. There is another page on this site which details a close-up examination of the pastoral care rites.

This site is also home to a series on the Scripture readings which could be used in visits to ill persons and those who are dying. They certainly could be used by the sick who are contemplating the meaning of faith in their experiences of infirmity. The links below will send you directly to each post. Most of these readings are brief, and address one of the possible Judeo-Christian approaches to the mystery of human suffering and mortality.

Old Testament readings:

Readings for the Easter Season:

Psalms and Canticles:

New Testament Readings:

Gospel Readings: