A Missing Dedication

With my departure from the wonderful Pac NW, one thing I will miss is my parish’s dedication of a renovated church. As marvelous as the dedication of a church is, I will miss my friends a bit more.

Earlier this week my boss invited me to sit in with the meeting with the diocesan liturgy consultant. As I reviewed this rare liturgy, the reality dawned–I won’t have any part of it. Relics, oil, candles, prayers, psalms and music: there won’t be a number two experience in my story. Not in the near future, anyway.

How lovely
is your dwelling place,
Lord of hosts!

Of course, it is not about any single particular building.

The image, above, shows the axis of font, altar, tabernacle.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to A Missing Dedication

  1. Liam says:

    Choral anthem setting of that text oft used in dedications in these parts:

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