How Can We Disarm Saint Michael?

A deacon friend asked the question in social media today. I have another question: do we want to disarm him? I’m fine with asking the question, but keep in mind that in the endless eternity to come, the archangel won’t really have any serpents to behead. We also need to prepare for the inner battles. They certainly are battles.

If a person or artist felt the need to focus Saint Michael elsewhere, one suggestion was putting the angelic sword to the chains of slavery. Another would be placing his hand on the shoulder of a person feeling temptation. The reality is that the believer doesn’t bring a sword or a gun to a fight with the dark ones. And sometimes the forces of evil are the ones in our own tribe, people who have ceded themselves to racism, misogyny, deceit, and the abuse of others.

I suppose if Christians want to see Michael as a captain of warfare, fine. Just remember that the war against evil is a participation sport. Not for spectators.

Image credit: University of Bonn, Germany

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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