Magnum Principium

Pope Francis enters the liturgical translation fray altering canon 838 and hands off to the conferences of bishops. Since he’s on a visit to Colombia, this was supposedly a surprise.

Rita Ferrone at PrayTell:

If the bishops say “no” in the future, their word is law.

I can’t see this restores the 1998 Missal, which was approved by every English-speaking bishops’ conference in the world only to be scuttled in Rome. Hope springs, and all that. Still, lots of anguish seems to be brewing on the reform2 front. But it’s not like the Latin text of MR3 is going to change anytime soon. We know the 1962 won’t. And the English MR3 is likely to stay in place for years. But if the faithfulcatholicsTM want to treat this as a defeat, I’m not inclined to argue.

Latin text here. Unofficial translations are out there already, but I’ll wait for the official English word on this before posting further.

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1 Response to Magnum Principium

  1. Liam says:

    Don’t look back at 1998. The conference that approved that is loooooooooooong gone. And is not likely to return even with Franciscan appointments pending. Children born when that was approved are in the middle of college.

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