Donating During Exile

Before the alarm went off this morning, I got a buzz on my bedside phone. It was from Bloodworks. Were they cancelling? I was actually hoping to be able to donate today, and not just an excuse to get out of the house on something “essential.”

Whew! They weren’t cancelling.

On the drive there, I noticed new dark patches in the road. I remarked to my wife about them and she said they were repaired a few weeks ago. Weeks? Have I not been around my own town in that long?!

Since I usually have to carry my coat around  and leave it on a nearby bed, I assumed that would be bad manners in pandemic times. So I left the house in a t-shirt, no sweater or coat. Naturally, it got me some clucking from my wife. I told her I had a reason.

At 8am, I’m usually one of only two in the center, but today all the socially-distanced stations were full. The interviewer had a face mask on. I asked how she was adjusting to the welder’s shield.

When asked about my health, I told the phlebotomist I felt great and I had a pint of red ready to come splashing out into her bag. “That’s not a little disturbing,” she said. It was also true; I broke my personal best by 27 seconds. Today’s mark was 6:15. Excellent.

Nobody chatting at the hospitality center today. I suppose their older volunteers are wisely staying home. I was viewing lots of wiping and sanitizing as I was eating a bar and drinking water. I finished my snack and left. My wife informed me the weather channel said outside it felt like 38 degrees. Some things never change.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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