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Parents of Liturgists

In my three decades of liturgical ministry, I believe I may have spent one Mother’s Day with my mom–the year we adopted the young miss and my family was graced with a visit from back east. Funny how today’s holiday … Continue reading

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Fashion: Inspiration or Mockery?

I notice a mix of opinions in social media on the Met Gala’s 2018 iteration themed, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Many of my Catholic facebook friends and their friends seem to inhabit the mockery corner. The National … Continue reading

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It’s Just A Dress

So, cultural appropriation, or the accusation thereof, is still a thing. A facebook friend alerted me to the use of a qipao as a prom dress in, all of places, Utah. Predictable complaints coming in, and most I’ve seen have … Continue reading

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Alfie Evans

So, a very ill child has died in Liverpool. It’s a case that has stirred up many keystrokes in social media, and a combination of heartache, heartburn, and heartless politicization. A brief summary at all things wiki is here. The … Continue reading

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What Isn’t Schism

On an unrelated topic, a new commentator offered this criticism: Typical of liberal Catholic Left-coast group-thought. You hit all the high water marks. Guns, “anti-abortionist”, (shame on you for using that term by the way), and how people who support … Continue reading

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German Intercommunion

On a friend’s facebook post, some discussion this bit of blog-gossip from Edward Pentin at the NCReg: German bishops have voted “overwhelmingly” in favour of producing a “guide” for Protestant spouses on reception of Holy Communion under certain conditions. At … Continue reading

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New Year Predictions: Humbug!

I’ve never been a fan of New Year predictions. I still read them. This one, being a churchy-sourced one, offered this ball-gazing comment: Mass attendance will continue to decline in the West, especially among young people. But media will increasingly … Continue reading

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