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Twelve Guns A Year

Arms dealers in Virginia are no doubt sad they can’t suck funding from white supremacists and other gun nuts to the tune of thirteen weapons-plus a year. News from the commonwealth: The (Virginia) Senate approved … a bill that limits … Continue reading

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The celibacy kerfuffle continues to burn in the hearts and computers of some Catholics. I wonder if it’s not much less of a concern than some make it out to be. John Allen muses on it here, and I wonder … Continue reading

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The Cardinal Sarah/Benedict XVI book is getting a lot of attention for its defense of mandatory clerical celibacy. One of the most-quoted conclusions reads as follows: The priesthood of Jesus Christ causes us to enter into a life that consists … Continue reading

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Prince and Duchess

Celebrity news rarely interests me. I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong: it can be entertaining, especially when they make it into a good movie. That a certain royal person, six living bodies from becoming king, wants to … Continue reading

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The 2020 For 20 Meme

It might be the most popular non-political meme in the social media new year. Don’t date your document 1/n/20 because somebody could come along and add “19” or some lower number and maybe cause you economic or legal harm. Speaking … Continue reading

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Follow The Money

If you thought Fulton Sheen’s sainthood delay was a sorrow, I think I can suggest a cleric who will never be cited in a future Roman martyrology: Joseph Ratzinger, the recipient of the biggest chunk of largesse from the retired, … Continue reading

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Something Other Than Merry

If we must greet people with the word “Christmas,” why are some Christians stuck on the word “merry” as a preface? Let’s try another salvo in the war on the war on Christmas … The usage of the term “merry … Continue reading

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