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Withholding Judgment

I saw on a few fb feeds the news that a liturgically and doctrinally “correct” priest was credibly accused of sexual misconduct. I’m not interested in learning the cleric’s name or post a link–I’m sure any intrepid reader can find … Continue reading

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Papal Gift, Brother To Brother

Fragments of the bones of Saint Peter have left the chapel of the Apostolic Palace in Rome and were sent home with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. Pope Francis bothers conservative Catholics yet again, few of whom have actually been pilgrims … Continue reading

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When He Was A Cardinal

They warn people off doing Google searches on themselves. I’ve been tempted, and I would agree. When I was hunting down some thread from eight years ago, I found two interesting comments on an America blog piece, “Can We Trust … Continue reading

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Sale: Two For The Price Of One

It’s a Sermon on the Mount moment for Christians and some don’t even recognize it. A fb friend alerted me to this piece. Three in ten (30%) Americans say they think it should be permissible for a small business owner … Continue reading

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Sharing Hysteria

Over the years, many Catholic bloggers have gone gah-gah over preachers who utilized one of the proclamations of Jesus feeding the multitudes to preach on what a miracle the sharing of loaves and fish might have been. Applying some reverse … Continue reading

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An Answer To A Question

This response answers the question I’ve asked many times (like here or here or here) on this site: What if we didn’t fire the person? Sometimes the answer is obvious. A person with authority continues to manipulate and abuse younger … Continue reading

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On Bishop Barron

Bishop Barron seems to be getting some pushback for his talk at USCCB this week (like here), from his advocacy for Jordan Peterson (whom I had to look up–ick!), to his comment about “dumbing down the faith.” I will confess … Continue reading

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