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Ruth For The Present Day

Before I began my research on the book of Ruth for my parish’s Bible Study, I was well aware of the title character’s status as an immigrant. My completed musical draws on relevant passages from the Torah to underscore the … Continue reading

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Prayer As Protest

I’ve never been completely at ease with the non-prayer element of praying. At military installations, abortion clinics, or such. Nor, really for certain causes, like the Fortnight For Freedom. I noticed Fr Anthony Ruff offers this coopting of Cardinal Burke’s … Continue reading

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One of the last music reading sessions I attended a couple seated next to me punctuated sight-singing with comments of ridicule and not-so-stifled laughter. Most octavos had “NIMP” scribbled in big letters. In two hours, I found one or two … Continue reading

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Restorative Justice

A facebook friend highlighted the case of a homeless woman of color who tried to park her van to optimize the education possibilities for her five-year-old son. The result? Five years-plus in prison. There were other anti-extenuating circumstances, but you … Continue reading

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Moral Heterodoxy

Buffalo looks on track to be the next Kansas City/St Joseph and Minneapolis-St Paul, having one or two bishops removed from office. The metropolitan bishop in New York seems to be engaged in an investigation. In addition, the auxiliary bishop … Continue reading

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Restoration of Order

I noticed this essay and commentary on flipping Confirmation to pre-First Eucharist. Aside from liturgy and sacramental theology, Eastern Christianity was one of the fields I studied and term-papered in grad school. I was quite familiar with the early bishops … Continue reading

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Reflections On Rupture

One of the flashpoints in the so-called liturgywars involves the chasm between continuity and rupture. That last word wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice, but it is used by people on the traditional side of the divide. In my view, … Continue reading

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