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Bothering People

I congratulate many of R. R. Reno’s critics. They accomplished what I failed: completing the reading of his article in First Things. The critics are many. One quote that bothered me enough to take a pass on the rest: Clergy … Continue reading

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Face Time

It is difficult. I was conversing with a staff colleague today and the topic of wash-hands-don’t-touch-face came up. In the next minute, she adjusted her bangs near her eye, and I touched the corner of my mouth. All without thinking, … Continue reading

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Creeping Pelagianism

I saw this news getting some national attention. And not good attention for the Church, as it is not a usual or an orthodox practice to deny the sacraments to a disabled person. The boy’s mother: That is discrimination. This … Continue reading

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Fake Meat Fridays

The young miss adheres to a strict vegan diet. Perhaps not the strictest, as she occasionally cooks with fake meat, a vegetable product that has the texture and flavor of meat. I asked her once if this is viewed by … Continue reading

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A Founder Fails

I see many Catholics in shock over the revelation of abuse by L’Arche founder Jean Vanier. The independent inquiry findings are summarized here. It is interesting that this investigation began after the man’s death last Spring. It is tempting to … Continue reading

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We Heart Feb 14

A few saints get secular recognition, at least by name. Subtract those associated with nations or ethnic groups, and perhaps Valentine, cleric and martyr is one of the very, very few left standing. While recognizing the importance of those brother-missionaries … Continue reading

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The Problem Of Cardinal Sarah

I’m never quite sure what to make of Cardinal Robert Sarah, head of the curia’s CDWDS. Something never seems quite right when I read his musings. It also doesn’t seem right that so many people think of Third World Christians … Continue reading

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