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War? What War?

A fb friend poked some at former Wisconsin guv Scott Walker on his attempt to resuscitate the War on Christmas. Commercial radio has begun to broadcast seasonal fare in my area. I heard bits to most of five songs in … Continue reading

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Is Penance Working?

An interesting thread disappeared at PrayTell in which the blog author asked a direct and challenging question: Is the Sacrament of Penance working for Catholics? I would say yes–for a small minority of us. I would say that there’s no … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed a lot of turmoil among some commentators at the NCReg over the Amazon synod. Fr Raymond de Souza, in this piece, outlines three concerns. The first I found incredible. Old meaning, there. The Amazon synod did not emphasize … Continue reading

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Theological Inculturation

I know that church authorities gave Thomas Aquinas a hard time. At first. But it didn’t take long in the vast sweep of ecclesiastical history for the inculturation of a pagan Greek philosopher into Western theology. It’s been amusing to … Continue reading

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Beatitudes For The Weary Christian

One of my colleagues on Liturgy Commission shared Katie Cook’s “Beatitudes for the Weary Christian” from Seeds of Hope. I was thinking as I read the title of the handout, “I’m tired today. I really need this.” The one bit … Continue reading

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Dress Code

From the Amazonia synod, the story has broken that B16-preferred cassocks are now optional, and that clerical synod attendees may dress in clerical suits. I was surprised at the attention on social media. On facebook, my comment was, “Can’t hardly … Continue reading

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On Snipers, The Social Media Version

I noticed Greta Thunberg is traveling to my former state. I also picked up on a piece of social-media-crazy posted by a teacher–a science teacher!–of all people. Story here from a community in which my wife and I used to live. … Continue reading

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