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A Council, Full Greatness To Come

Interesting discussion at PrayTell about that conference at Georgetown on Vatican II. Naturally, the h-word makes an appearance. I think the importance of Vatican II has yet to be noted. If it proves to be the spark that brings a … Continue reading

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Reality Check

“Reality check.” A buzz phrase that seems to be getting a lot of notice and traction in the Church this weekend. A bit more than a million people voted to expand rights, and possibly responsibilities, for LGBT people in their small … Continue reading

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What About Sacramental Grace?

Peter Nixon’s blog post from last month got expanded into the latest issue of Commonweal. Good. He was certainly among the best of the Catholic bloggers of the last decade. I was pondering his musings about the relative frequency of … Continue reading

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Just A Thought on Guilt, Shame, and Public Relations

And maybe the subtitle here is “A Whole Lot of Questions.” My wife is an occasional viewer of the Duggar clan on tv. I know that over the years, the number of kids has upticked from 17 to 18 to … Continue reading

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Difficulty With Pope Francis

It’s no secret that the past two years have been profoundly upsetting to people who, up till recently, defined their Catholicism in terms of institutional loyalty. In addition, some of their number would define others who disagreed with them (and … Continue reading

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Not Disciples, But …

For those who have given up on Patheos because it’s too smarmingly self-orthodox, here’s a crude but hilarious wake-up call that takes a big poke at the so-called New Emangelization. One commenter there wrote: Gee Larry, looks like you’ve struck … Continue reading

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Not So Alien

Nice narrative on BBC about the origins of Earth’s oceans. For me, I’d rather see a little more evidence on the premise. Science has waffled back and forth on this point for awhile. But I think “alien” origins of water … Continue reading

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