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My Second Bishop

My sister told me the news Sunday night on my drive home that one of my favorite bishops has passed away. I overheard a few voices at the Newman Center the year he came to town. He was replacing a … Continue reading

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Real Epiphany

Today is a favorite day for many Catholics to utter an annual complaint that today isn’t an obligatory Mass attendance day. Frankly, except for the whining, I’m in agreement with this line of thinking. As a start. There’s more (or … Continue reading

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Frank Pavone Responds

Poking around a bit after the sensational news of Frank Pavone being laicized, I found this open letter. I’m not enough of a celebrity-hanger-on or a critic or a church insider to know the full story. But I did find … Continue reading

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A Mundane Vocabulary

Twice in the past few days, a social media feed has alerted me to a new wordonfire book: Friends, Advent is the liturgical season of vigilance or, to put it more mundanely, of waiting. During the four weeks prior to … Continue reading

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The Worst of Times, The Worst of Times

I see Pope Francis has extended the current stage of the universal synod. According to this secular note, this is what inspires the shift: limited participation by the laity and seeming resistance to his reforms from the hierarchy Some imperfect … Continue reading

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The Media on Religion

My morning news feed included a piece that linked to a summary of a survey that discovered (to no one’s surprise) that people of faith are disappointed by the poor treatment of religion in the non-religion media. Some respondents said … Continue reading

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Priests As Front Men

In a discussion on obedience, two things struck me. Unsurprisingly the new Missal was not a success as church and seminaries emptied. (A)ll of these bishops banning THE rite that nourished and produced Saints for centuries… sure seems like a … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two QBs

Seen a few times on social media the past day or two. Though I much prefer “real football,” as the young miss terms it, I can’t deny the NFL retains a certain drama. Not the least of which is seeing … Continue reading

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Billy’s Rule

I knew it wasn’t biblical, but I didn’t know Mike Pence’s thing with women was traced to Billy Graham. A good commentary here on friendship. This struck me: Someone recently observed that maybe evangelicals have so much trouble with friendship … Continue reading

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Summer Religion

I was browsing the news and commentary site Crux and I found this earnest piece urging attention to one’s religion during the summer months. Father Jeffrey Kirby offers a message that is true enough: The word religion comes from a Latin word … Continue reading

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A friend recommended this blogpost from an Illinois priest, Msgr Eric Barr. For a cleric of my generation, he does read a lot like the new brand of JP2/B16 priest. He appears sincerely troubled about religious disaffiliation. Patheos, the parent … Continue reading

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The three-year USCCB Eucharistic Revival began yesterday, or a bit earlier maybe. There’s a website already up. I noticed Notre Dame theologian Tim O’Malley suggesting catechesis alone isn’t going to cut it. His meme is a “Eucharistic culture.” The bishops … Continue reading

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When Forgiveness Becomes Heroic

I read this piece with this quote from an injured Uvalde teacher, Arnulfo Reyes: I will never forgive them. Forgiveness would be a heroic stance. Lacking a confession of guilt, attached to true contrition, and some gesture of making amends, … Continue reading

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Post Mortem

I see from BBC News that a DoJ investigation is forthcoming. I also noticed a heap of criticism on social media: worried parents assaulted outside the school as they urged action, one politician offering a caution against jumping to judgment … Continue reading

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Red Hat to California

So, a California bishop gets a red hat, and he’s not an arch. A social media friend asked, “Is he liberal? Conservative? Pastoral? Rigid?” I responded that he appears reasonable and he listens. Plus, the Catholic Right have already labelled … Continue reading

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