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Calling It Hate

David Gibson picks up on Fr Jim Martin’s misadventures with being insufficiently congruent to the Catholic culturewarriors here. Quoting Fr Martin: No issue brings out so much hatred from so many Catholics as homosexuality. (This) is nearly unbelievable to me, … Continue reading

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I’m not sure why the Supreme Court’s ruling today is either a surprise or really a cause for alarm for Catholics. People outside the Church do as they please. They live together outside of marriage. They make commitments firm and … Continue reading

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Charleston Forgiveness

I was reading of the expressions of forgiveness from Emanuel AME Church, some from family members of the deceased. Were I in their place, I know that my response “should” be to forgive. How long would it take me to … Continue reading

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Word Counts

I remember in college and grad school how we did word counts for papers the old-fashioned way–with stone knives and bearskins estimating one word for every six typewriter keystrokes. Profs didn’t want to count spaces either, so they usually asked … Continue reading

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Msgr Francis Mannion gets thumbs up and down at PrayTell for his musings on angels. Applause bell-ringing from me for this observation: I do cringe a bit inside when people say that my mother or someone else who has died … Continue reading

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But Is It Really Gnosticism?

Father Robert Barron comes down on Caitlyn Jenner and a private meeting of bishops here. I’m a deep skeptic on the first topic. Fr Barron, quoting Jenner: “Deep down, I always knew that I was a woman, but I felt … Continue reading

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Seeing Red

Deacon Greg posts on “the story behind the cappa magna.” The aggregator Pewsitter didn’t like his “sneer.” I thought Greg was fairly light in his criticism–he cited a lot of sources like any good journalist–even those in favor. When I … Continue reading

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