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New Year Predictions: Humbug!

I’ve never been a fan of New Year predictions. I still read them. This one, being a churchy-sourced one, offered this ball-gazing comment: Mass attendance will continue to decline in the West, especially among young people. But media will increasingly … Continue reading

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On Christmas Eve

I’ve remarked on social media my bemusement on the “obligation” that lies heavily on Catholics to come to two Masses this weekend. It’s not so much that my routine is five, and Christmas adds but three more and gives me … Continue reading

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On Scandal and a Funeral

Author and catechist Joe Paprocki had a facebook comment on Cardinal Law’s funeral: Our Church is quick to deny a funeral to someone in a gay marriage because of the “scandal” it would cause but then has a Vatican funeral … Continue reading

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Struggles With Vatican II

In the old days here, occasionally, we’d get a comment that I’d pull out for its own post. Most traditionalist-leaning Catholics have given up on this site. But every so often someone new stumbles in and finds something objectionable. On … Continue reading

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Where Will It End?

A better place, hopefully. November has been a very bad month for men. I don’t take joy in seeing the high and mighty topple like Psalm 113 princes. The Project Veritas blunder probably underscores the truthfulness of the vast majority … Continue reading

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This Means War

If it’s November, it means we’re on for the War on Christmas Starbucks. Just a disclaimer here: I probably drink one of their coffees about twice a year, making it unlikely I will drink out of a gay or pagan … Continue reading

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The Dilemma of Mr Moore

There’s nothing positive to say about this defense of US Senate candidate Roy Moore: Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter A few of my Catholic fb friends took deep offense at it. I certainly would. I … Continue reading

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