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Yesterday’s Mass was one many Catholics know to avoid. The AC out at church? Music director on vaca? Nope. One of the four narratives of the multiplication of the loaves. Look out: here comes another edition of the Miracle of … Continue reading

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My memories of my grad student days–the 1980s–were ones of optimism. Those of us in liturgy were hopeful the second wave of rites, and especially the new Sacramentary would be coming soon. Better translations, incorporation of newly composed prayers for … Continue reading

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“Lord, Why Were You A Feminist?”

Sometimes you just have to wonder how deep seminary/divinity training is. Orthodox ecumenism? The Scholastics? The Bible?!? It’s pretty amazing the how much even faithful and good Christians will twist themselves to avoid a rupture in their spiritual life. Image … Continue reading

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Let’s Have Another Surge

Why not? Because 2020 was so much fun, especially for health care workers. Last time I checked, the operation for vaccines was developed under Mr Trump’s administration. So I find it super curious so many of the man’s ideological supporters … Continue reading

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Space Opportunists

I’ve been seeing Jeff Bezos and others getting stick on social media the past few days. So, Sir Richard Branson has become an official astronaut, and another billionaire is next on the list of celebrities-in-space. I posted some comments earlier … Continue reading

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Vax Goals

So, the country falls short of its new president’s 70% goal. In the heady post-war fifties, there would be a lot of trust in the science of the day. Some conservatives just don’t want to get on board, or the … Continue reading

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According to my facebook feed, Bishop Barron introduces a video with this: Friends, I want to challenge pro-abortion Catholic politicians to take a small step toward authentic dialogue with the Church on this critical matter. If there is no quest … Continue reading

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Guilt Tripping? Must Do Better

I’ve noticed that Sunday obligations are popping back up around the US. Personally irrelevant because I’ve been one of those people providing livestreams, then limited worship, then gradual opening up over these past months. In my current parish, attendance has … Continue reading

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More Maturity

In my real life as a citizen, I listen to good advice from people who want to control a pandemic. I began wearing a mask outside of my home and car when I was advised to do so late last … Continue reading

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Mask Maturity

Apparently, our corporate masters’ spies thought I would be enchanted by facebook posts discussing masks. Pretty sure I annoyed a few people who were celebrating their freedom from facial coverings. My pastor mentioned he heard from a parishioner who was … Continue reading

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Handing Off

Over at Where Peter Is, a small back-and-forth on the worth of a parish mission in response to a comment of mine: From your wife’s last point, it sounds like you need a good old parish mission! That will not … Continue reading

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War And Worlds Apart 1953-2021

My wife and I viewed the 1953 film War of the Worlds. I found it very interesting on a few fronts. At first, I thought the female lead, Sylvia Van Buren, to be superfluous. Kind of a typical 50’s film … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum, Non-Smoker

Note: this post does not endorse the activity of inhaling the smoke of burned leaves native to the Americas. Or support of Big Tobacco in its efforts to enslave the world to nicotine. If a North Carolina senator tried to … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum’s Civics Lesson

The retired GOP senator-turned-pundit doesn’t cover himself in glory with his timid walk-back from native culture remarks last week. He thinks it’s mostly about the west. Maybe his family will reject pasta aglio e olio for Thanksgiving dinner and bring … Continue reading

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Bishops Of Prudence

I was browsing Vatican News and found this interesting bit in an interview with the head of the Vatican Congregation for Bishops. Marc Ouellet: What counts most in the pastoral profile of a bishop: natural gifts, spiritual virtues, or the … Continue reading

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