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As some of you know, priest and/or seminary recruitment videos have been getting attention at dotCommonweal (here and here) among other places this week. Last month, I posted this video with no comments following. The Fr Barron critique got 163 … Continue reading

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Contrition and Delay

A number of years ago I was on retreat, and the monastery provided Penance form II–not for retreatants (there were only 2 or 3 of us on site), but as a matter of course for the monastic community. We lay … Continue reading

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Heroic Priesthood Redux

Check Cathleen Caveny’s review of the Robert Barron video Heroic Priesthood. I think there’s room to poke a bit at the assumptions of the piece, but the consistent tartness of the commentariat also left me wanting. I have a few … Continue reading

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Talking Past

While I no longer comment on other sites, I do follow the occasional thread of interest. dotCommonweal has close to forty comments following Grant Gallicho’s piece on Cardinal O’Brien. I was struck by this exchange today between Bernard Dauenhauer and … Continue reading

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Sprinkler System

The non-Onion internet has picked up the story of sprinklers dousing the homeless at St Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco. I’m sure you can find the full story almost anywhere. From the archdiocesan apology: This sprinkler system in alcoves near our back … Continue reading

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Can Christians Mourn?

Or as Dick Martin suggested in the combox, perhaps they shouldn’t. He commented a few hours ago on the Job 19 post in funeral readings. I thought I’d extract his comment and clear the decks there to get into a more … Continue reading

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Catechesis? Or Rather Discipleship

Msgr Francis Mannion makes a case for a better RCIA, but the commentariat jumps on him. Formation tools, be they a Catechism, a Lectionary, a Fr Robert Barron video, or a 12-Step manifesto can all be abused as well as … Continue reading

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