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I was speaking with a liturgist colleague recently, sharing our experiences and perceptions of the return to worship. She has found the reopening with limits to be very much wanting. I shared the same. Certainly I understand intellectually the limits … Continue reading

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Another Bump In The Road

We’ve breached the halfway point of the Christian calendar year. The young miss quoted me some social media thingy about a person who went into a coma on Christmas Day, woke up yesterday and wanted to be caught up on … Continue reading

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I have hesitated to comment on one of this month’s Catholic news items. A read a second treatment in the NCRep a social media friend linked. I’m fine with women taking the lead on this discussion. #metoo impacts them and … Continue reading

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If It’s About A Symbol, Let’s Start With Money

Frustrating things in 2020: having a lion’s share chunk cut out of my church ministry by a virus seeing the same Catholics whine about sacraments when they wanted to shut down viri probati in the Amazon and other places hitting a wall … Continue reading

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Down With Junipero?

I notice Californian statues of the saint are toppling. There is controversy connected with the man, as noted on the wiki here. Opposition to his ecclesiastical recognition was well-known as Junipero Serra was making his move up the ladder of … Continue reading

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Racism In Oakland

I saw this piece in my morning news feed. (I wonder how the magical all-knowing google knows to connect me to a combination of racism and Catholic.) In an emotional, 13-minute video posted on Facebook on June 14, McAleenan, who is white, … Continue reading

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“Our Colour Is Not A Crime”

For US sports fans who bother to point their noses overseas, a few might find the extra-American practices curious. As soccer opened up these past days in Europe, players taking knees. In watching English soccer this week (League Two playoffs … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom Week: Adoption and Foster Care

The Fortnight For Freedom has been condensed into a single week. The centerpiece focuses on an issue dear to me, but which church leaders tend to miss the available opportunities. Caring for ‘the orphan’ is a demand of the gospel. … Continue reading

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ni de aquí ni de allá

Ni de aquí ni de allá, or, in other words, neither here nor there. Another gem in Bishop Seitz’s pastoral letter on racism is his reflection on Our Lady of Guadalupe. 46. Year after year, after fall winds bring cooler … Continue reading

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Memorials Up, Down, and Going Down

Over at the Steel Magnificat (a fine and recommended blog) is an intriguing suggestion that balances the desire to remember history, but also to remember the full truth about famous people of the Americas from Christopher Columbus to the last … Continue reading

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A Psalm For Today: “Do Not Let The Foot Of The Arrogant Tread On Me”

I’m familiar with the 36th for its inner passage about the goodness of God. It came up in today’s 2020 pilgrimage of lectio divina through the Psalter. Maybe I’m a few days behind the “foot of the arrogant,” but it seems more … Continue reading

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Triple Threat

I remember 1968 vaguely. My family had just moved from renting a townhouse to living in a modest house in an urban ethnic neighborhood–mostly Italians and Germans. Some of the grandparents around were “old country” people. It was something of … Continue reading

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On Kneeling

I was raised in a family filled with military veterans. I was also a proud member of the Scouting movement. I’ve always associated my sense of patriotism with a respect for persons. I believe in human rights balanced with a … Continue reading

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Not That Funny

As I have attempted to become more mature in my life, I discovered that what passes for good humor in some circles, flies like mud from a puddle in others. Some jokes are unfit for children, clergy, men, women, musicians, … Continue reading

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Mercy, As It Might Have Been, Or Might Yet Be

I found this essay on PrayTell and a reference there to an interesting bit of testimony from Pope Benedict on his predecessor. Here’s the quote: From the very beginning, John Paul II was deeply touched by the message of Faustina … Continue reading

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