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The Media on Religion

My morning news feed included a piece that linked to a summary of a survey that discovered (to no one’s surprise) that people of faith are disappointed by the poor treatment of religion in the non-religion media. Some respondents said … Continue reading

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Priests As Front Men

In a discussion on obedience, two things struck me. Unsurprisingly the new Missal was not a success as church and seminaries emptied. (A)ll of these bishops banning THE rite that nourished and produced Saints for centuries… sure seems like a … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two QBs

Seen a few times on social media the past day or two. Though I much prefer “real football,” as the young miss terms it, I can’t deny the NFL retains a certain drama. Not the least of which is seeing … Continue reading

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Billy’s Rule

I knew it wasn’t biblical, but I didn’t know Mike Pence’s thing with women was traced to Billy Graham. A good commentary here on friendship. This struck me: Someone recently observed that maybe evangelicals have so much trouble with friendship … Continue reading

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Summer Religion

I was browsing the news and commentary site Crux and I found this earnest piece urging attention to one’s religion during the summer months. Father Jeffrey Kirby offers a message that is true enough: The word religion comes from a Latin word … Continue reading

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A friend recommended this blogpost from an Illinois priest, Msgr Eric Barr. For a cleric of my generation, he does read a lot like the new brand of JP2/B16 priest. He appears sincerely troubled about religious disaffiliation. Patheos, the parent … Continue reading

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The three-year USCCB Eucharistic Revival began yesterday, or a bit earlier maybe. There’s a website already up. I noticed Notre Dame theologian Tim O’Malley suggesting catechesis alone isn’t going to cut it. His meme is a “Eucharistic culture.” The bishops … Continue reading

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When Forgiveness Becomes Heroic

I read this piece with this quote from an injured Uvalde teacher, Arnulfo Reyes: I will never forgive them. Forgiveness would be a heroic stance. Lacking a confession of guilt, attached to true contrition, and some gesture of making amends, … Continue reading

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Post Mortem

I see from BBC News that a DoJ investigation is forthcoming. I also noticed a heap of criticism on social media: worried parents assaulted outside the school as they urged action, one politician offering a caution against jumping to judgment … Continue reading

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Red Hat to California

So, a California bishop gets a red hat, and he’s not an arch. A social media friend asked, “Is he liberal? Conservative? Pastoral? Rigid?” I responded that he appears reasonable and he listens. Plus, the Catholic Right have already labelled … Continue reading

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On Vocations

I saw this piece skeptical of “vocational discernment” for the laity. I think Amy Welborn is picking at the peripherals on the topic. I think it needs more of a Vatican II attitude, if not spirit. But you readers would … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day, Inclusion and Exclusion

Inevitably, a day like Mother’s Day invites the occasional complaint. I remember one person in a parish long ago who seemed desperate to be a mother. She was middle-aged and not married. She also objected to the Mother’s Day blessing … Continue reading

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Beyond Time

I posted a link to last week’s science fiction review on another social media platform, and a friend commented thus: Reminds me of a time travel philosophical question I heard the other day. (Jimmy Akins Mysterious world podcast). A baptized … Continue reading

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After Hours, Open Door

I have few regrets in my current assignment. Certainly not being in a new parish. We’re still small compared to the surrounding suburban megachurches (Catholic and evangelical). That remains a big plus; we’re more nimble. We have fewer Issues. Newcomers … Continue reading

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Booster and Testing

Boy, was I glad about my decision last Thursday. I was in for my annual physical, and the nurse said I was eligible for a second booster. She reminded me about the side effects, and I thought it would be … Continue reading

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