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On Vocations

I saw this piece skeptical of “vocational discernment” for the laity. I think Amy Welborn is picking at the peripherals on the topic. I think it needs more of a Vatican II attitude, if not spirit. But you readers would … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day, Inclusion and Exclusion

Inevitably, a day like Mother’s Day invites the occasional complaint. I remember one person in a parish long ago who seemed desperate to be a mother. She was middle-aged and not married. She also objected to the Mother’s Day blessing … Continue reading

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Beyond Time

I posted a link to last week’s science fiction review on another social media platform, and a friend commented thus: Reminds me of a time travel philosophical question I heard the other day. (Jimmy Akins Mysterious world podcast). A baptized … Continue reading

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After Hours, Open Door

I have few regrets in my current assignment. Certainly not being in a new parish. We’re still small compared to the surrounding suburban megachurches (Catholic and evangelical). That remains a big plus; we’re more nimble. We have fewer Issues. Newcomers … Continue reading

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Booster and Testing

Boy, was I glad about my decision last Thursday. I was in for my annual physical, and the nurse said I was eligible for a second booster. She reminded me about the side effects, and I thought it would be … Continue reading

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Over 6%

Just to bring home an illustration of the war in Ukraine, 3 million refugees are on the road according to the UN. As a percentage of the population transferred to the country most of us readers know best, that’s about … Continue reading

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Bombs, Gas Prices, and Gaslighting

With US inflation afoot, I’ve seen a surprising number of sentiments on social media along the lines of … Americans paying more at the pump isn’t nearly as bad as bad Russians pumping bombs into residential neighborhoods in Ukraine, so … Continue reading

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The Only Template?

Father Acker is asking all sort of wrong questions, mainly this one: Is OCIA the only template that one can use to join the Catholic Church? On one hand, the Church has rites and liturgy. The Order of Christian Initiation … Continue reading

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Decoration Scrooge

Everywhere you turn, you find another item to blow up a Catholic ex-senator’s intemperate and ignorant comment from some months ago: We birthed a nation from nothing. I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes we have Native Americans … Continue reading

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Another Front on the WoC

So, some teary-eyed boss wants to get tough a few weeks before Christmas. You won’t see this in the news coverage in the warmongers’ outlets, but it is, without doubt, as scroogey a thing as you’ll see outside of happy … Continue reading

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Coming Up: Antifa Sunday

I think I was once told this Sunday’s designation was mainly pro-monarchy, but if it really surfaced to combat fascism (spell check, that, Tweeter) then I’m down with this social media thought of the day. Or yesterday. Whatever. I’m on … Continue reading

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When Death Comes

From LTP’s Sourcebook on Death, from Selma, Alabama, 1965: (I)f a man happens to be 36-years-old, as I happen to be, some great truth stands before the door of his life–some great opportunity to stand up for that which is … Continue reading

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Bishops Meet This Week

I see it’s all over Catholic news that the US bishops are meeting in Baltimore this week. That document–some document–on the Eucharist is due. Long gone are the days when the USCCB produced documents that mattered. Peace. The Economy. They … Continue reading

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Oops, Profit

A simple error, or the corporate backing of modern media really wanted to twist the pope’s words. Usually, we only see this on conservative Catholic websites.

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Times Change

I showed up 80 minutes before morning Mass today. Just in case, you know? People came on time, as it happened. About an hour later. Lots of them. One of our highest attendance marks, coming out of the pandemic. In … Continue reading

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