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Pope Francis on Dialogue

The topic of dialogue popped up, as it has here and there on the internet recently. I was reading the Holy Father’s address to a congress of Italian Catholics in Florence. A few things struck me. First, the inevitable conflict that … Continue reading

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Power To The Students

If it takes a village to raise a child, it seems like it takes a football team to dump a president. Nothing like the threat of forfeiting a big game and losing $1M to get a university braintrust in gear. … Continue reading

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Seeing Red

Wait, let me guess … Pentecost? Good Friday? Some Pacific Northwest martyr? Readers know I’m not inclined to defend corporations, even ones with local roots. But if a few non-conscientious objectors in the War on Christmas are demanding “Bible verse … Continue reading

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On Vatican II

In general response to comments from the past few days, I thought I’d summarize my position on Vatican II and the liturgy with more clarity. This first piece will strike some as negative, and it doesn’t yet really touch on … Continue reading

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Another Minority

I was tipped off to Cardinal Dolan’s brief essay on “a new minority.” I am thinking of … Couples who … approach the Church for the sacrament; Couples who … have persevered through trials; couples who welcome God’s gifts of many … Continue reading

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Saint Fix-It

I read this guest post on Simcha Fisher’s blog. It’s addressed to the synod15 bishops, but I wonder how many of them will actually read it. The author describes a spouse burdened by the “cancer” of anger. But what is … Continue reading

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Sunday Pope Preach

Michael Peppard is convinced that Pope Francis is going to go James 5 on Americans this Sunday. Me? I’m not so sure. There’s a front porch message in the Gospel: “Teacher, we saw someone driving out demons in your name, … Continue reading

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