Call Some New Holidays

The annual hang-wringing over Christopher Columbus now mostly completed, my thinking is that we need a few new federal holidays right now. Not as replacements, but as additions. Other countries get nice things like more vacation than US Americans. We already have a collection of months without national observances–March, April, June, and August. Seems like these would be great landing spots for additional days of celebration.

June has two nice events to commemorate: a day of freedom on the 19th, and native victory over General Custer’s cavalry on the 25th. I noticed that Republicans of all people have suggested the former, though as a replacement for the second Monday in October. Just like the GOP to demur when adding an extra day to celebrate. I suppose I can be grateful they didn’t ax two days for a more lopsided trade.

August 18th was the day Amendment XIX became law. That leaves March and April, a long stretch of time between presidents and remembering. Anybody think of a way to resolve June, put original Americans on the calendar, and give us an extra holiday that makes sense in the 21st century?

So, readers, what do you think? Which four observances would you plant in these barren fields?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Call Some New Holidays

  1. Liam says:

    Well, there’s a privilege frame to consider as well, as we have a lot of work just with just the holidays already on the calendar:

    Many Americans (many many) don’t even get all federal holidays off. There are many industries that operate 24/7/365 or close to it. Many office workers also don’t get many of those days off – they are most likely just to get the “major” holidays of New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. People in institutional employment (public institutions) are the most likely to get all, but that’s a distinct minority of American workers.

    And one can look up what percentage of Americans have rights to paid vacation and how much!

    The day probably many Americans would LIKE to have as a holiday is one that can’t be made one because retailing America needs infrastructure to be on a on-holiday basis: the day after Thanksgiving. (Employers that provide it as a holiday typically sacrifice another holiday to provide such.)

    (In Massachusetts, we have a semi-major holiday on the third Monday in April: Patriots Day, to commemorate the commencement of the hot war phase of the War for Independence. It sometimes dovetails with the weekend of Easter Sunday. And the securities markets close every year for Good Friday for a historical reason most people are unaware of: it was long considered bad luck to engage in speculation on the day on which soldiers cast lots for the robe of the Lord.)

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