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Antivax March

In Washington DC this week a procession of marches. The latest looks anti-mandate or antivax or something, but maybe they need to turn pro to make it look good. Like the last one. The link lists seven speakers, of which … Continue reading

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Self-Sacrificing vs Self-Serving

A few thoughts on an anniversary. I had friends who participated in civil disobedience in the 1980s. The issues were nuclear weapons, abortion, sanctuary for Central American refugees, and racism. The general approach to people who committed objectively illegal acts … Continue reading

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Working Through

They wonder why people are quitting jobs and from what I hear, starting their own businesses. I heard about the Kentucky factory bosses keeping people on the job with tornadoes approaching. And this, the threat of being fired just before … Continue reading

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Decoration Scrooge

Everywhere you turn, you find another item to blow up a Catholic ex-senator’s intemperate and ignorant comment from some months ago: We birthed a nation from nothing. I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes we have Native Americans … Continue reading

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A Season of Hope

I had heard the election results reported on NPR on my drive home this afternoon. I was curious to see what my friend John had to say, and it’s here. Once I had a plan for a cultural exchange, suggested … Continue reading

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War On Christmas: HOA Theater

The annual War on Christmas seems to be especially muted this year. Or that could be because the fam has switched off cable for good with our recent move, and we don’t even have a newsprint subscription any longer. I suppose … Continue reading

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Oops, Profit

A simple error, or the corporate backing of modern media really wanted to twist the pope’s words. Usually, we only see this on conservative Catholic websites.

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Fake Noon Coming To My State

I see Minnesota politicians agree on one more clock change in 2022, then stop the falling back and springing forward. Sleep disruption beckons for oppressed US inhabitants again this weekend. It’s not as bad as the forced early waking and … Continue reading

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On my way to get a booster shot yesterday, I ran across a medical opinion piece from my friend Jeffrey Tucker’s libertarian confreres. It wasn’t at that link–the piece disappeared from my news feed. (Apparently, my internet corporate masters figured … Continue reading

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Drug Dealers

My wife added me to her AARP membership. Boy, are they pee-ohed about the lack of reining in drug prices in the US.  I know most commentators are referring to so-called Big Pharma in their news storties and commentaries today. … Continue reading

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Strange Teaching

Sure as anything, a US Democrat goes to Rome and the wolves at the door begin howling. It used to be a quiet neighborhood, but that was so long ago. I did notice a Texas bishop weigh in on the … Continue reading

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Two-For-One Holiday

I noticed that we have two holidays tomorrow, according to the press secretary of the mean communist deconstructing our once-great country. Pick the one that aligns better with one’s politics, history, culture, ethnic heritage, etc.. I guess. Maybe my fellow … Continue reading

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Sex And The Modern City

Ah, so much hand-wringing on sex these days. I noticed a young man who was shocked–shocked!–to learn that college football at some schools isn’t about sex as much as it is about sport. And maybe even a dash of academics … Continue reading

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How About The State Library?

My wife mentioned this story earlier tonight.  On Wednesday, a state lawmaker filed a resolution to have the Bible designated as the official state book of Texas. The resolution, filed by State Rep. Glenn Rogers, (R-Brownwood), explains the Bible has served as … Continue reading

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The Suit of Mr Voris

Not the one he wears. A legal thing. The organization usually known as Church Militant is suing the city of Baltimore for putting the clamp on its rally protesting the upcoming USCCB meeting in Baltimore. I had seen an initial … Continue reading

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