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Papal Self-Citation

Frequent commenter FrMichael mentioned Pope Francis in a comment, referring to … … the endless self-citation he is apt to do … Apparently all recent popes do it. I checked the footnotes in three early papal documents, all apostolic exhortations: … Continue reading

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Making Mistakes

I was reading about that veteran denied an advertised promotion because he was black. A facebook friend noted today the restaurant head was relieved of his job by national management. I’m skeptical this is a productive act. An attorney was quoted: Mr. … Continue reading

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Rule of Law

I watched Mrs Clinton’s concession speech yesterday morning. On the drive into work I was listening to NPR commentators on her mention of “rule of law,” about 21:02 on this clip. One person was convinced this was about Mr Trump, … Continue reading

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Speaking Of …

Devin added a comment on the “Divine Retribution” thread: Speaking of divine punishment, those reelection results… If I take his comment literally, then yes, it looks like most federal, state, and local incumbents were returned to office last night. If … Continue reading

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What’s A Voter To Do?

One of my facebook friends is “flummoxed” over the presidential line on the upcoming ballot. For my friend, neither major party candidate is an option, and likewise third-party candidates are a “no.” For the benefit of others in a like … Continue reading

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26 Days

Maybe it’s that my facebook feed is getting more hammered than before with political posts, but I’m bothered more by some of the followers than by the candidates. Though it’s still a close race between the two groups. A few random … Continue reading

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Guns and Poses

On retreat last week, I did hear a bit about Orlando. The monastic community prayed. We got a brief homily that touched on it, too. In looking at the gospel reading from last Monday, the preacher also mentioned that if … Continue reading

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