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Strange Teaching

Sure as anything, a US Democrat goes to Rome and the wolves at the door begin howling. It used to be a quiet neighborhood, but that was so long ago. I did notice a Texas bishop weigh in on the … Continue reading

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Two-For-One Holiday

I noticed that we have two holidays tomorrow, according to the press secretary of the mean communist deconstructing our once-great country. Pick the one that aligns better with one’s politics, history, culture, ethnic heritage, etc.. I guess. Maybe my fellow … Continue reading

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Sex And The Modern City

Ah, so much hand-wringing on sex these days. I noticed a young man who was shocked–shocked!–to learn that college football at some schools isn’t about sex as much as it is about sport. And maybe even a dash of academics … Continue reading

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How About The State Library?

My wife mentioned this story earlier tonight.  On Wednesday, a state lawmaker filed a resolution to have the Bible designated as the official state book of Texas. The resolution, filed by State Rep. Glenn Rogers, (R-Brownwood), explains the Bible has served as … Continue reading

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The Suit of Mr Voris

Not the one he wears. A legal thing. The organization usually known as Church Militant is suing the city of Baltimore for putting the clamp on its rally protesting the upcoming USCCB meeting in Baltimore. I had seen an initial … Continue reading

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Free Lunch

Two experiences today in social media. First, a facebook friend mentioned the amount of food way, way past its expiration date they receive at the food bank where she volunteers. My comment on her thread: The American way: let them … Continue reading

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What Tears Apart Families?

I saw this headline (Antidotes to the Cultural Poison That Is Ripping the Family Apart) at the NCReg, and predictably, the commentator limits himself to the usual conservative bugaboos: abortion, divorce, and contraception. I also think that for a wider … Continue reading

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All Symbols Matter

I saw this bit on NCRep from the CNS on crucifixes in public classrooms. It’s Italy, not the US. But it brings to mind another occasional conservative vector that often makes me wonder, “Do we really want to go there?” … Continue reading

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Gymnasts Go To Washington

A sex offender embedded in the US Olympic system was bad enough. Yesterday and today, media mainstream and otherwise is all over the sensational testimony of abuse survivors who anchored some of the most amazing Olympic teams in history. McKayla … Continue reading

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JP2 On Addressing Terrorism At Its Base

It’s not quite as satisfying as the human indulgence for the visceral, but Pope John Paul II had the measure of things, much more than US politicians of any stripe at the time: International cooperation in the fight against terrorist … Continue reading

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Sometimes people aspire to do the right thing, but go about it in the wrong way. Abortion, for example. Even many pro-choice people would agree that the optimal number of elective abortions is zero. No more abusive fathers, friends-of-family, boyfriends, … Continue reading

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Honor And Others

Never-Trumper Eliot Cohen’s op-ed from The Atlantic appeared in my news feed. Writing of honor: There are two separable issues here: the decision to liquidate America’s Afghan commitment, about which reasonable and prudent people could, did, and do disagree; and the manner … Continue reading

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Naming Names

A Catholic high school in Iowa, in a community where my wife and I once lived, is facing a call to change its name. So, Christopher Columbus. I am sure this is an anguish for both sides. Change advocates suggest … Continue reading

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An interesting take on Traditionis Custodes at NCRep. Professor Weiss suggests the communities are the problem, not the Latin. Some of her suggestions wouldn’t go down well in mainstream parishes, and a few do impact a liturgy whose advocates say … Continue reading

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Profile In Courage

I read JFK’s Profiles in Courage in middle school. I don’t remember much; I found it a bit dry. But then again, what do adolescents know? The premise is excellent, though, and if it were ever expanded to modern folk, including people … Continue reading

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