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Maybe They Meant Mexican Counties

At least two of my fb friends pounded Fox for their silly caption misidentifying Central American countries as “Mexican.” My suggestion was that the news branch meant “counties” not countries. I see an apology is up. Headline quote: It never … Continue reading

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The Never-Ending Story

The MAGA/Phillips confrontation is still fueling discussion on social media. Since two sides seem to have more or less ossified, facts and information are pretty much irrelevant from here on out. One feature I’ve noticed is circling the wagons around … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Vote: Registration

At the county building on election day a few dozen people came to our station and experienced an unpleasant surprise. They learned they were not on our rolls as registered to vote. “But I did this at the DMV in … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Vote 1: Your Signature

So, this voter and I were having a conversation this past Tuesday. The signature from his voter registration form doesn’t match what’s on his license. Hence a little chat. Now, as an election official, I’ve experienced some hours of training … Continue reading

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A number of years ago when Ten Commandment fights were¬†de rigeur, a group in my parish wanted to fund a display similar to this one. I didn’t feel like I had a stake in the discussion, but I did wonder … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Disinvited Now?

I might part company with people who perceive themselves as close to me in political belief on this opinion. A spokesperson for a prominent politician was asked to leave a restaurant after her party was served the snack course. I … Continue reading

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Peace Talks Coin

I’m no longer an active collector, but when I see interesting coins in pocket change or in the news, I take notice. Maybe the casual observer finds the design a bit jarring–one news outlet used the over-used term “dumpster fire” … Continue reading

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