The post title is not a reflection of the president, but rather the post most in need of filling in Washington.

The more the federal executive branch descends into  juvenile insults, the more convinced I am that the jester needs to be a cabinet-level position. Maybe appointed by the outgoing president or the defeated major candidate.

It is a myth that jesters served to criticize rulers in ways that more “serious” courtiers dared not.

But I do recognize that celebrities, be they wealthy, professionally athletic, in the media, in politics, or even ordained in the Church, are often insulated from the least desirable yet most disciplined word in the English language.


Too many people in Western culture lack the balance of someone who will oppose their easy impulses and say no to them. Athletes who refer to themselves in the third person or first person singular, and who preface all attempted apologies with, “If anyone was hurt.” Actors who would be brilliant if they only let their collaborators fix boundaries and urge them to harder work. Indulgent musicians. Rich people making stupid choices. Cover-up bishops and priests. The present president.

I’m singular unimpressed with the “send her back” meme. That it may be racist is an open question. Since no white women were targeted, it might seem so. That no men were targeted seems to make it sexist. We can say it is clearly a violation of workplace standards of professional behavior. As such, it should be censured. Calling talk or a person “racist” or “sexist” may well be true. But less often is it helpful. One federal employee, albeit a fairly high ranking one, offended against a policy that is well-spelled out in federal documents. I wouldn’t have chosen to label him/it a racist. But a formal reprimand was in keeping with the nature of the offense.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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