I know eulogies are theologically passé at funerals, but this one, not at a funeral, caught my attention.

I was once told that the reason we should still crowd the National Mall and shout at one another was for the sake of any pregnant women watching. “Imagine if it changes even one heart.” But that goes both ways, you know.

Indeed it does. The counter-witness, especially in these times, may change hearts in another direction. The fence-sitters, people pregnant and pondering abortion, who might be watching are more likely to be Republican, leaning that direction, conservative, leaning in that direction, or something along those lines.

I can’t imagine there are many Nick Sandmann fangirls among the wild liberal women considering an abortion.

Still, I had a few experiences in protesting publicly in the 80s. Abortion. Nuclear arms. The last generation’s big ones. I haven’t gone in decades. Speaking for myself, I don’t see it as contributing to the issue. And if I can’t be moral support for my friends who might think more or less as I do, I’d rather do something small and concrete and difference-making instead.

That said, I would still encourage people to go, especially young people. When I was in campus ministry in Iowa, it was a Thing to travel partway across the continent to join the MfL. I’d tell any fence-sitter the experience is worth it. I’d encourage them to go. Nobody ever asked me why I didn’t. Or why I wouldn’t. More from Ms Pezzulo:

The March for Life may or may not have once stood for a consistent life ethic. I am the wrong person to ask if it did. But it’s clear that right now, it’s a campaign rally for a political party and nothing more. And it doesn’t take courage to attend your own campaign rally.

This is accurate. The president knows he can’t convert those hardened against him. But he has found political support with white conservative people of religion. So he goes with that. He’d be dumb not to go to the March and speak on their platform.

Even if a young person asked me, “Should I go to President Trump’s rally?” I would be inclined to say yes. But go with your eyes open and your brain working. When you come home, keep things in operation and look for the opportunities for hard work. Keep living the cause, otherwise it might as well be a eulogy.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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