Ordination Rites: Ordination of a Bishop 27-35

The gospel book is taken away from above the new bishop’s head, then it is handed to him after anointing.

27. After the prayer of consecration, the deacons remove the Book of the Gospels which they have been holding above the head of the new bishop. One of them holds the book until it is given to the bishop. The principal consecrator and the con­secrating bishops, wearing their miters, sit.



28. The principal consecrator puts on a linen gremial, takes the chrism, and anoints the head of the bishop, who kneels before him. He says:

God has brought you to share the high priesthood of Christ,

May he pour out on you the oil of mystical anointing and enrich you with spiritual blessings.

The principal consecrator washes his hands.



29. He then hands the Book of the Gospels to the newly ordained bishop, saying:

Receive the Gospel and preach the word of God with unfailing patience and sound teaching.

Afterward the deacon takes the Book of the Gospels and re­turns it to its place.

Ring, miter, and crozier, blessed earlier, are given in turn:



30. The principal consecrator places the ring on the ring finger of the new bishop’s right hand, saying:

Take this ring, the seal of your fidelity.

With faith and love protect the bride of God, his holy Church.

31. Then the principal consecrator places the miter on the head of the new bishop, in silence.


32. Lastly, he gives the pastoral staff to the bishop, and says:

Take this staff as a sign of your pastoral office: keep watch over the whole flock

in which the Holy Spirit has appointed you to shepherd the Church of God.


 In his own church, the bishop goes to his cathedra (chair):


33. All stand. If the ordination takes place at the bishop’s chair and if the new bishop is in his own church, the principal consecrator invites him to occupy the chair; in that case the principal consecrator sits at the right of the newly ordained bishop. If the new bishop is not in his own church, he is invited by the principal consecrator to take the first place among the concelebrating bishops.

If the ordination does not take place at the bishop’s chair, the principal consecrator leads the newly ordained bishop to the chair or to a place prepared for him, and the consecrating bishops follow them.



34. The newly ordained then sets aside his staff and receives the kiss of peace from the principal consecrator and all the other bishops.

The choice of psalm is interesting; Psalm 96 is associated with Christmas. This psalm may accompany the seating of the bishop.

35. After the presentation of the staff, and until the end of the ordination rite, the following antiphon may be sung with Psalm 96.

Alleluia, go and teach all people my Gospel, alleluia.


The antiphon is repeated after every two verses. Glory to the Father is not said. The psalm is interrupted and the antiphon repeated when all have given the kiss of peace to the new bishop.

This rubric is exactly as it was for the Kiss of Peace at diaconate and presbyteral ordinations. Repeated, too, is the suggestion that …


Any other appropriate song may be sung.

What would be other appropriate psalms, would you say? Other commentary?

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