RCIA 75.3: Liturgical Formation


3. The Church, like a mother, helps the catechumens on their journey by means of suitable liturgical rites, which purify the catechumens little by little and strengthen them with God’s blessing.

Three aspects of liturgy, or, three different types of liturgy are important for the formation of the catechumens. First, “suitable rites,” (RCIA 90-105) which we will examine in detail in a few weeks. Like catechesis, the hoped-for effect of these rites is a gradualpurification and strengthening. Word celebrations (RCIA 81-89) are often overlooked–or at least they used to be rare:

Celebrations of the word of God are arranged for their benefit, and at Mass they may also take part with the faithful in the liturgy of the word, thus better preparing themselves for their eventual participation in the liturgy of the eucharist. Ordinarily, however, when they are present in the assembly of the faithful they should be kindly dismissed before the liturgy of the eucharist begins (unless their dismissal would present practical or pastoral problems). For they must await their baptism, which will join them to God’s priestly people and empower them to participate in Christ’s new worship (see RCIA 67 for formularies of dismissal).

The Church also holds in regard the Sunday liturgy of the word, but note that it stands in third place with particular celebrations of the word for the catechumenate, and the minor rites. Note also the Church’s reasoning for dismissing non-Catholics does not include the baptized.

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