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Fetching a Camper

The young miss finishes up her camp experience today. (That’s her on the left with the dog … or is it a wolf?) We’ll be leaving in about an hour for the Twin Cities to intercept the return bus at … Continue reading

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Talking Rosary

Fr Jim Martin at the America blog notes this offering, a “Rosary Companion” that feeds you the audio of the prayers, tracks the repetitions and generally guides you along the way. Good thing or bad thing? Something this size could … Continue reading

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With the young miss away at camp this week, my wife and I have been viewing some films together that aren’t exactly kiddie fare. She likes mysteries, so we saw the frenetic-paced and gory Angels and Demons Tuesday night. I … Continue reading

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RCIA 118: Second Step

The “second step” is titled “Election or Enrollment of Names.” Eleven numbered sections (118-128) give the background on this liturgy, the entrance of the catechumens into their Lenten experience. The first section reads: 118. The second step in Christian initiation … Continue reading

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Church Truant

What’s the most extreme thing you ever did to get out of going to church? What about taking the car keys and going for a Sunday morning joy ride? It took place in Utah, and I have to wonder: Mormon, … Continue reading

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Peter Nixon on Reform2

Peter links his US Catholic feature on dotCommonweal, and nets a predictably long thread of comments. I really like the work done on “Gather Us In.” I was at an ecumenical seminar on teaching hymnology, and the presenter, a Calvinist … Continue reading

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Conspiracy? That’s Ice

I like the discussion on the Universe Today site about arctic ice photos declassified by the Obama administration. Easy to see why the Bushies would want to keep this under their hats. (I wonder how much of the financial mess … Continue reading

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RCIA 114-117: Sending Off

Let’s conclude the Rite of Sending. There isn’t much to go. Intercessions for the catechumens follow the affirmation and the signing of the book. As with RCIA 65, the given prayers may be used, or a different formulary. Likewise, if … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Fear of Reform

Russell Shaw attempts a brave case against reform, a value he himself has touted many times in criticizing the hierarchy and the Way of Doing Business within  Roman Catholic circles. The gist of the argument seems to be this: If … Continue reading

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Pope’s Summer Piano Tuned

The Holy Father won’t be playing two-handed till his cast is removed in three weeks, but the piano in his Castel Gandolfo apartment is ready for him. Some people are already talking about what sort of music Pope Benedict might … Continue reading

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I confess my surprise at the popularity of the thread on the dancing wedding procession. I almost didn’t post it; I wasn’t sure what to say about it. Thanks for the many comments. I thought there were two liturgical aspects … Continue reading

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No Good Friday Footy?

Aussie rules, that is, on recommendation of Bishop Les Tomlinson of Melbourne. I don’t know enough about my Down Under friends to determine if this request will be considered, dismissed, or possibly even accepted. I suspect an effort to “fast” … Continue reading

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RCIA 112-113: Affirmation

After the catechumens are called forward, the entire assembly is addressed in “these or similar” words: My dear friends, these catechumens who have been preparing for the sacraments of initiation hope that they will be found ready to participate in … Continue reading

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Dancing Down The Aisle

A friend asked me about this wedding procession. Good choreography pretty well executed. How long did these people work on it? I think I’d want to ask my sister about this. I like the enthusiasm, too. Is a wedding about … Continue reading

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Matter and form: the essence of Christian sacramental celebration. To undo, the Church has no prescription for you. In fact, once baptized, always baptized: it’s about indelible character. Nonetheless, some will try. While I don’t want to make light of … Continue reading

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