Blood and Body?

I was having a discussion with a priest friend of mine about the order of receiving the Body and Blood at Mass. I said there was no legislation in place for the laity, only custom.

He said that priests are obligated by the rubrics to receive the Body, then the Blood.

There are no such rubrics for the people, I said. We may receive under one or either form. A priest is blocked from receiving under only one form. Lay people have greater freedom.

I recounted one experience where I left the piano during the refrain of a communion song. The minister assigned to give the Body to the choir was momentarily distracted, so I went to the cup first, then the other minister before scooting back to the keyboard.

My friend said, “Accidents are permitted.”

“It wasn’t an accident,” I said.

I certainly wouldn’t encourage a reverse order as a custom, but I’m not aware of any limitations on it for the laity, are any of you?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Blood and Body?

  1. Good call, Todd. I have only once had to make such a decision and did so without reservation.
    Of a different situation that was an instantaneously perplexing dilemma- We were providing music in Flagstaff AZ for two young friends. The wedding coordinator did ask the four of us if we intended to communicate. Only one of us opted yes, and the coordinator said she’d inform the young celebrant. Our young man went to receive as we were singing the Communion song. As we were about to seque to the Blessing Song I suddenly notice the celebrant standing before me with a raised host. (Pop Quiz time!) So, not to appear dismissive to his “invitation” I communicated. I had one of those thousand thought nano seconds….”Any mortal sins….is the music page set…should my wife get up from the piano….what day is it?” etc. Then I thanked God as we started the Blessings Song for His Mercy!

  2. Liam says:

    I’ve done the same (receiving under the species of wine only), but after the fact that I came across something that it should only be done for grave reason (eg, allergies or what not), but I can’t source that at this moment.

  3. Jimmy Mac says:

    There are (many) times that these kinds of rules are seen as nothing more than sheer nonsense. If one accepts that both the bbread and the wine are truly the Eucharist, why in heaven’s name should there be any order of reception? Or are we saying that the body is a wee bit more Eucharist than the blood, so should be received first?

    The mind boggles at this kind of Catholicism. Truly boggles!

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