Pope Francis on Evangelization I

From another interview, when discussing the missionary spirit of the faith:

Staying, remaining faithful implies an outgoing. Precisely if one remains in the Lord one goes out of oneself. Paradoxically precisely because one remains, precisely if one is faithful one changes. One does not remain faithful, like the traditionalists or the fundamentalists, to the letter. Fidelity is always a change, a blossoming, a growth. The Lord brings about a change in those who are faithful to Him. That is Catholic doctrine. Saint Vincent of Lerins makes the comparison between the biologic development of the person, between the person who grows, and the Tradition which, in handing on the depositum fidei from one age to another, grows and consolidates with the passage of time: «Ut annis scilicet consolidetur, dilatetur tempore, sublimetur aetate»

Aside from the Latin quote, I think a few self-styled traditional Catholics might bristle. But I think we have a pope who will be taking up the cause of evangelization. Or rather, he won’t be laying it aside.

I’m finding these old interviews to be full of fascinating details. With a mod to my brother Charles, maybe a Jesuit pope is just what I we needed.

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2 Responses to Pope Francis on Evangelization I

  1. John Mack says:

    St. Francis said something to the effect, “Teach the Gospel and , if necessary, use words. We await his first actions.

  2. Jimmy Mac says:

    This paragraph (http://www.lastampa.it/2013/03/13/esteri/vatican-insider/en/jorge-mario-bergoglio-is-the-new-pope-of-the-catholic-church-EfJKZOSFmvgljMmSQRwYWN/pagina.html) ……..

    “Instead of driving people away with rigid doctrinal preachings, he tries to look at all possible solutions in an attempt to embrace those who are the furthest from the Christian community. The Church, he insists, must show the merciful side of God.”

    —- doesn’t square with these (http://www.catholicvoiceoakland.org/2013/03-04/Conclave_031313.htm):

    “The cardinal has also written books on spirituality and meditation and has been outspoken against abortion and same-sex marriages.
    In 2010, when Argentina became the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex

    marriage, Cardinal Bergoglio encouraged clergy across the country to tell Catholics to protest against the legislation because, if enacted, it could “seriously injure the family,” he said.

    He also said adoption by same-sex couples would result in “depriving (children) of the human growth that God wanted them given by a mother and father.”

    (By Francis X. Rocca Catholic News Service)

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