GMD 19-22: The Force of the Gospel Itself

Continuing to look at the question, “What is Evangelization?” we’ll examine how the bishops answered this question in Go and Make Disciples.

The bishops place a lot of trust in the message of the Gospel itself. There is no need for “trickery or manipulation” (GMD 19) and by extension, the particular charisma of individual believers isn’t as necessary either. Even if our presentation of the Gospel is flawed, we realize this is how God works with all people. (Cf. GMD 20)

In section 21, the bishops cite Romans 5:12-21 to illustrate the basis of Christian hope. This is another facet of the all-important mission of Jesus Christ. An omnipotent God for whom all things are possible made a choice as to a method of intervention: a real person, a real relationship. this changes things for a Christian:

We do not see a world of blind forces ruled by chance, but a universe created to share God’s life; we know that following Jesus means we begin to share God’s life here and now. We do not view life’s purpose as the gathering of power or riches, but as the gracious invitation to live for God and others in love. We do not calculate what we think is possible, but rather, know the Spirit of God always makes new things possible, even the renewal of humanity. We do not merely look for many years of contented life, but for an unending life of happiness with God. In our faith, we discover God’s eternal plan, from creation’s first moment to creation’s fulfillment in heaven, giving meaning to our human lives. (GMD 21)

As for people who genuinely believe God has done this for them, would they not want the same for everyone else? That is the question the bishops put to us. (Cf. GMD 22)


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