Football Future

Officially, one of my teams drops from the Premier League, as of Saturday. Disheartening, but it seems more just than the American system of rewarding teams with high draft choices from the slave college ranks. Cardiff City are one of several teams promoted from the lower league, the Championship (nice name, that), only to be relegated after a single season at the top.

I was intrigued by Wales, part of the UK, but also its own entity in FIFA , having two teams in the English Premier League. From the 70’s I remembered that Scotland had it’s own football system. Two outlying squads–that seemed to attract my sniffer for the underdog.

Speaking of underdogs, it’s been fifteen years since my hometown team won the US version of the FA Cup. Last season they got hammered by their “parent club” 5-1. There’s no longer any realistic hope of a non-MLS team winning the US Open Cup. And going to the CONCACAF champions league. I hate farm systems. Even if they do sort of promote baseball on multiple levels in North America.

I saw this piece on the playoffs for the third promotion spot. I read:

Brighton will be aiming to secure a place in the Barclays Premier League for the first time.

Oh boy. Another underdog. Here we go again in 2014-15.

In a few minutes, the Crystal Palace-Liverpool match will begin. Lots of drama there. An underdog too. Maybe two.

The only consolation that the Premier League will be over is that the World Cup is just a few weeks away. Then a month off, and it will be time for another Premier League season. If only the outfit was more competitive top to bottom. If only.

Can some English fan answer this question: what is it with all the bird mascots? Swans, bluebirds, thrushes, seagulls, and lots I’ve likely missed.

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5 Responses to Football Future

  1. David D. says:

    Only taunts, not tears for Cardiff from Swans supporters this past Saturday at St. Mary’s.

    Craziness over in Palace-Liverpool.

  2. Todd says:

    Craziness to be sure. I thought one side was going to get a 4th goal–and I didn’t know which one. My wife was watching and asked how CP got 2 goals–she only saw one. She also commented on the fans in stunned disbelief and Suarez weeping under his jersey. I didn’t tell her I once walked home 6 miles from a match Rochester won 2-0, but they needed the third goal to get to the playoffs.



  3. Ken Macek says:

    If you’re for underdogs in general, root for Atletico Madrid to hold on and win both La Liga and the Champions’ League over the next 3 weeks. Historically they’ve always been a #3 or lower in Spain (always well behind you-know-which-two); in fact they were relegated to Spanish 2nd division just a couple of seasons ago. They seem to be at a high-water mark historically and it would be a shame to see either trophy slip from their grasp.

  4. Copernicus says:

    By Premier League standards, this season hasn’t been too bad, as far as competitiveness is concerned. And next season? If the UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations succeed in putting the brakes on Manchester City, it’s pretty open as to who might come out on top.

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