The Synod Fathers Speak 5: Path and Miracle

window from inside

For reference, the so-called “short” document is online is here, in English. As of early this morning, the full document is still unavailable in English.

Some more lovely language; whoever is responsible should be writing more official stuff for the Vatican:

This authentic encounter begins with courtship, a time of waiting and preparation. It is realized in the sacrament where God sets his seal, his presence, and grace. This path also includes sexual relationship, tenderness, intimacy, and beauty capable of lasting longer than the vigor and freshness of youth. Such love, of its nature, strives to be forever to the point of laying down one’s life for the beloved (cf Jn 15:13). In this light conjugal love, which is unique and indissoluble, endures despite many difficulties. It is one of the most beautiful of all miracles and the most common.

This citation of John reminds me of the appropriateness of the mandatum for the Rite of Marriage. Service that leads to sacrifice and which ultimately involves the offering of one’s life for the beloved: this is the sort of inspiration that will inspire people who already hunger for it. I believe many people would embrace a ritual that speaks more deeply to the connection of Christ to marriage.

If only this common miracle shone more brightly for those who first encounter the rough waters of relationships.


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