The Armchair Liturgist: Year of Paul

armchair1.jpgFr Martin Fox and others mentioned ideas and resources on the Paul’s Year thread below. Any other ideas for you armchair liturgists in the reading audience?

Myself, I’ve been pondering something like a “lessons and carols” format (similar to the Office of Readings) with a portion or two from the Torah, maybe Psalm 19 or 119, or even some of the New Testament hymns Paul quotes in his letters.

What about daily or Sunday Masses? Is it a good year to focus on the Pauline readings in the homily? Do you think people want the theology of Paul or his story? What about playing up the ecumenical angle? Or do you think this is an idea that shouldn’t be overblown? Comments welcome.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to The Armchair Liturgist: Year of Paul

  1. There are already so many “Pauline” elements in our daily life as Catholics. I think when we have special years like this, we tend to add stuff to our already busy calendars and parish lives rather than re-focus on the things that we already do that highlight the topic of the year.

    So I wrote a brief post on Nine Ways to Celebrate Saint Paul’s Birthday that draws on the things we already do and have as worshiping communities to reflect on Saint Paul this coming year.

  2. While my parish priest, Fr. Alexei Smith, is an Eastern and not a Roman Catholic priest, and thus is most probably not affected by this “Year of Paul”, he has taken it upon himself for the next year to devote each and every Sunday homily to the text of the Pauline Epistle read for that Sunday.

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