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Targeting Easter Down Under

Bill Donohue must be proud. Australian retailers aren’t waiting for the War on Easter to begin. They’re staking a claim in the wide land of capitalism well before Easter bunnies are sued off public property. Rev. Elisabeth Daniels of Kewarra … Continue reading

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Testing the Music

Our policy is to release whatever songs seem “ready to go,” that is, music tested in actual liturgical communities and celebrations, sometimes over a period of years. In the preface to John Foley’s collection Wood Hath Hope, the St Louis … Continue reading

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Belief and Ministry

An interesting situation, post, and discussion on PrayTell about an “agnostic liturgical minister.” Ministers of all types, even clergy, can function outwardly with great effectiveness in preaching, music, counseling, charity, justice, and education. And on the inside they might be … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Praying, Preaching, Mentioning Haiti

The tragedy in our Caribbean neighbor’s borders continues to unfold. I’m sure you’re all aware of the avenues in which to assist. We can certainly pray, too. My hometown’s home parish had a mission there. In the parish where I … Continue reading

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