Apostleship of Prayer 2.0

I must be more attuned these days to seeing Jesuits in the news. CNS reports a revamping of the Apostleship of Prayer is in the works. Three points on its revision:

  • making the apostleship a digital prayer network
  • working with dioceses and parishes to introduce the apostleship to more people
  • developing the Eucharistic Youth Movement, which is the branch for children and teens

Makes sense to me. Many parishes already have such a structure–some variation of a “prayer chain.” The digital version of the AoP is probably about ten years late. But better late than never. More:

Membership in the Apostleship of Prayer involves a commitment to beginning each day with a prayer offering one’s life to God and praying for the needs of the universal church and the intentions of the pope. Members promise to end each day prayerfully reviewing their blessings and failings.

The morning offering and prayers are the basic membership requirements, and in many countries the apostleship has no registration, no groups, no fees, and no special meetings. The Jesuits estimate that about 50 million people fulfill the membership requirements in the apostleship and its youth wing, the Eucharistic Youth Movement.

Reviewing blessings and failings is nothing more than the daily examen. More tools are probably needed to instill that a bit more deeply.

Otherwise, what do you think?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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