Swans and Devils

swan-in-attack-mode-2I am really, really looking forward to the Premier League opener a week from Saturday. It will divide the household. If, that is, the young miss is awake enough to root for her Red Devils. Maybe I won’t wake her up …

She found a Man U vase (a vase?) at the Goodwill a few weeks ago. I gave her some red ceramic roses to put in it. Maybe I can find a swan feather somewhere to jinx it for her.

I didn’t see Wilfried Bony on the program roster in Minnesota last month. But after reading the latest blog post from Max Hicks I’m feeling a lot more confident about their chances to rise in the upcoming season.

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  1. David D. says:

    The composition, though not the positions, of the top 7, is unlikely to change this year. Here’s last year’s table plus the newly promoted sides.

    1 Man. City 88 (2/1)
    2 Liverpool 84 (10/1)
    3 Chelsea 82 (1.875/1)
    4 Arsenal 79 (6.5/1)
    5 Everton 72 (125/1)
    6 Tottenham 69 (66/1)
    7 Man. U. 64 (5/1)
    8 Southampton 56 (1000/1)
    9 Stoke 50 (2500/1)
    10 Newcastle 49 (750/1)
    11 Crystal Palace 45 (5000/1)
    12 Swansea 42 (4000/1)
    13 West Ham 40 (4000/1)
    14 Sunderland 38 (4000/1)
    15 Aston Villa 38 (3000/1)
    16 Hull 37 (5000/1)
    17 West Brom. 36 (5000/1)
    * Leicester (5000/1)
    * QPR (5000/1)
    * Burnley (10000/1)

    From my far less than expert perspective, Swans would seem to stand a good chance of again besting all the teams that finished behind them last year. Of the teams in front, however, Southampton is the most likely overtaken. So there you have it, Swans will finish 11th. No need to watch the games.

    For fun, I also included the latest odds to win the league from one particular site. The range from top to bottom is 1.875/1 to 10000/1 with an average of 2723/1. By comparison, the range of odds to win the Super Bowl for the upcoming NFL season is 6.5/1 to 250/1 with an average of 59/1. Apparently, the Jacksonville Jaguars have a better shot at a league championship this year than all but 7 EPL clubs.

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