Not Disciples, But …

For those who have given up on Patheos because it’s too smarmingly self-orthodox, here’s a crude but hilarious wake-up call that takes a big poke at the so-called New Emangelization. One commenter there wrote:

Gee Larry, looks like you’ve struck a nerve.

Too straight.

Check out the comments, which are about as funny:

Doing your best to divide the church and ignore facts, history, prior infallible teaching AND current realities.

Done with Patheos. Spam box forever.

Can someone explain to me how “Larry D” is any different than a secularist?

The homosexuals that CAME IN in the 40’s and 50’s were quite eager to crush the Mass in the 60’s and turn it into a Protestant Lord’s Supper.

It’s hard to take a Novus Ordo Mass seriously when the altar looks like a Bed, Bath and Beyond display

Larry D seems like more a guy’s guy who isn’t going to chase men away from Catholicism. Unlike the self-righteous in his commentariat. (Now you know why they never invited me to write for Patheos–can you imagine them putting up with this every day? Their commentariat would want me off the planet–forget about excommunication.)

The blogger self describes as a “disciple of Jesus Christ, trying to be in the world but not of it, and doing his best to inject a little humor and fun into the New Evangelization.”

People without a sense of humor: by their own standards they may be faithful and they may be orthodox. But something essential is missing. Joy? Truth, likely, too.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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