Placing Your Name

Nancy Atkinson at Universe Today urges you to include your name on the Kepler space probe that will begin searching stars for earthlike planets next year. Here’s where you can do it. Get the kids involved; there’s a 100-word-or-less essay connected to the effort.

Kepler’s field of view is now visible before dawn in the Northern Hemisphere’s skies these days. As we get later into the summer, it will be visible earlier in the night. Deneb, Vega, and Altair form the “summer triangle,” an asterism (not a constellation in its own right) one can find high in the midnight skies in early summer. Note the stars and their constellations in the image above.

I don’t really get excited about the naming stuff. As a farewell gift in one parish, the staff members had a star named after me in Draco. Just to clue you in: just because you’ve sent your cash to the International Star Registry doesn’t mean the world’s astronomers use the name.

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