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Does Bad Music Chase Away Good Catholics?

There is a good discussion happening at my lead essay today at InsideCatholic. A few crisis Catholics are wondering if the whole thing was some kind of stunt. Surely they must be pulling conservative legs to be bringing in me … Continue reading

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More on Glory & Praise

I’ve begun writing for InsideCatholic, and added the site to the blogroll. You can surf to this link, where I’ve been asked to make a positive case for Glory & Praise. The comments are a-rollin’ in already. You can go … Continue reading

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HCWEOM 82-83: Relationship Between Exposition And Mass

The first of the forms of Eucharistic Worship outside of Mass is Exposition. The introduction to this runs eleven sections, and is equivalent on a small scale to the GIRM. The Church frames the relationship between exposition and Mass: 82. … Continue reading

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Liberals and Their Pastors

I find it amusing that many conservatives are trying to posit a conservative attitude onto Barack Obama for his pastor’s outspoken positions and the trembling he induces in white America. Time and time again, I hear liberals criticized for picking … Continue reading

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Wedding Lectionary: Psalm 103: (8a or 17 adapted), 1-2, 8 & 13, 17-18a

The 103rd is one of nine ordinary time common psalms, and one of three of those that appear in the official wedding lectionary. It’s a fairly common choice, in the top five of the seven or so choices a couple … Continue reading

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HCWEOM 79-81: Forms Of Worship Of The Eucharist

Chapter III of the rite begins with a short three-section portion which makes the traditional argument in favor of Eucharistic devotion. As we move through about thirty-plus numbered sections, these texts will draw heavily on Eucharisticum Mysterium, the CDWDS instruction … Continue reading

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What Is It?

This is an easy one, I think. You can take a stab at it in the combox, or test your guess and follow this link for the answer.

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Abortion? What About Divorces and a Third Marriage?

Unrepentant ex-politicians are ineligible, according to Cardinal Egan. I had always heard that Rudy Giuliani refrained from the Eucharist on his own initiative because, in the Church’s view, of his irregular marital situation. The cardinal says it was a negotiation … Continue reading

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New Eucharistic Ministers

Home from the parish’s Eucharistic Ministry dinner and evening of reflection. Each year we have an annual potluck dinner followed by a brief presentation. This year, my colleague David (who oversees Communion to the sick) and I combined our groups. … Continue reading

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HCWEOM 68-78: Viaticum Administered by an EM

Viaticum by an extraordinary minister looks like the ordinary form. Lots of Catholics don’t see this rite, and if they do, they sometimes don’t live to tell about it. There is an introduction (68) followed by a brief instruction (69): … Continue reading

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“Carry That Weight”

Through Zenit, the Vatican press office is denying rumors I hadn’t heard. After the St Patrick’s Cathedral liturgy, the pope was helped from the altar, not because of fatigue, but rather that he wouldn’t “trip under the great weight of … Continue reading

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Posing In Sheets

Lots of food for thought for Western Culture parents today as they ponder how to approach a discussion on Disney teen star Miley Cyrus’s photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Some quotes and observations: I just want to be one of … Continue reading

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HCWEOM 54-67: Communion to the Sick Administered by an EM

Communion to the Sick and Viaticum are treated in the Church’s documents on Pastoral Care of the Sick. I’ll just mention that when an ordinary minister (priest or deacon) is unavailable, an acolyte or lay minister may tend to the … Continue reading

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Avoiding Problems

I see that Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne of Lima, Peru has forbidden Communion received in the hand. Curiously, he blames the clergy for their “relaxed attitude.” If nothing else, this should make lots of Catholics tense. At Father Z’s … Continue reading

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HCWEOM 42-53: Short Rite

When is the “Short Rite with the Celebration of the Word” used? 42. This form of the service is used when the longer, more elaborate form is unsuitable, especially when there are only one or two for communion and a … Continue reading

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