GDC 39: Minding the Field for Sowing

Just as God reveals himself through words and deeds, the human interpretation of this–believers to seekers–uses these means also:

39. Evangelization too which transmits Revelation to the world, is also brought about in words and deeds. It is at once testimony and proclamation, word and sacrament, teaching and task. Catechesis, for its part, transmits the words and deeds of Revelation; it is obliged to proclaim and narrate them and, at the same time, to make clear the profound mysteries they contain. Moreover, since Revelation is a source of light for the human person, catechesis not only recalls the marvels worked by God in the past, but also, in the light of the same Revelation, it interprets the signs of the times and the present life of (people), since it is in these that the plan of God for the salvation of the world is realized.(General Catechetical Directory 11b)

Catechesis, above, is defined as proclamation and narration–something a bit more ritualized than mere lectures, apologies, or speeches. It also suggests that believers are open to how God’s plan works in their own lives, and thus are able to interpret the signs in the lives of the curious, the seekers, the students. Excellence in catechesis would seem to have an indispensable portion: encouraging others to find and see God’s actions in their lives.

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