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Eleven More Rehearsals To Go

My friend Tim Read did an excellent job with the poster, don’t you think? Hard to believe we have only eleven rehearsals left. Am I getting nervous? Not really. We ran most of Act I and the first three songs … Continue reading

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Spinning Assisi

And I don’t mean very bright celestial objects turning silver and rotating overhead. The Vatican is trying like heck to pacify the Temple Police (some of whom are ready to excommunicate the last pope) and you have to love this … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist Considers Sing-Along Priests

I had a chat today with our associate pastor. He reported that at a diocesan workshop, the clergy were discouraged from singing the Mystery of Faith with the people. That got me thinking about the rubrics in the Order of … Continue reading

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GIRM 4: Ministerial Priesthood

Two sections discuss the priesthood. Tomorrow in GIRM 5, the priesthood of the baptized. But today, that of the clergy: 4. In truth, the nature of the ministerial Priesthood proper to the Bishop and the Priest, who offer the Sacrifice … Continue reading

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GDC 34: “The missionary mandate of Jesus”

Starting today, we dive into the heart of the General Directory for Catechesis. Part One, “Catechesis in the Church’s mission of evangelization,” covers numbered sections 34 through 91 in three chapters. This Scripture-heavy section introduces the response to the first … Continue reading

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