Belated Father’s Day

Two fathers, and kids.

3 generations0001

I had meant to post this or something like it on Sunday. I’ve been giving the young miss a hard time about “Father’s Week,” since Disney had that nice Dwayne Johnson vehicle airing yesterday afternoon. When they mentioned “the power of the father,” I flexed my muscles in a most un-Johnson like way.

Anyway, that image my wife took goes back to the first day of kindergarten, more than ten years ago. Ah, the days of plaid jumpers over polo shirts seem very, very far away.

At top right, a rare color photo my mom snapped of me with my dad in March 1959.

The young miss didn’t arrive in our home until age 4, but we are grateful for her second foster family. They took a lot of pictures. One’s up there, too.

So Happy Father’s Week to all you dads out there. Remember the power. Use wisely and with love.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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