An Equal Opportunity Beheader

We all know, or at least we should know that the mainstream Western media is playing up the ISIS-persecuting-Christians meme. David Gibson at RNS takes a peek at other victims. Like a journalist who was Jewish, and actually had Israeli citizenship.

Some are playing the extremists-not-too-smart card. From Julia Ioffe on Twitter:

Apologies in advance for this horrid thought, but I’m surprised that ISIS didn’t behead the guy with the Jewish name first.

Maybe the whole anti-Christian thing is just a front to dupe Westerners to send more teenagers into the meat grinder of southwest Asia.

Do you think they’ll notice when Muslims get killed, too? Tweet from Razan Saffour:

2 weeks ago ISIS executed Syrian Muslim journalist Bassam Raies. The world didn’t give a damn.

Isn’t that the truth.

Oh wait–we’re not telling that narrative in the States, are we? Doesn’t suit our corporate masters. Like being allies with Muslims doesn’t really fit the cause, unless there’s money or oil involved.

So the questions are: is ISIS really funded from Saudi Arabia, in part? Are we still allies? Nobody remembers 9/11, do they?

I would take anything I’m being fed by tv, radio, and unsolicited internet interruptions about southwest Asia with a mountain of salt. In fact, I’m inclined to ignore it altogether. I’d insist on the full story; good luck finding it.

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4 Responses to An Equal Opportunity Beheader

  1. John Drake says:

    “Playing up”????? The Christian angle has hardly been played up. It’s usually “religious minorities.” And the beheadings are not the only outrage. The emptying of Christians from Mosul is a big deal, as is the leveling of centuries old churches.

  2. David D. says:

    Iraqi and Syrian Christians are not simply being persecuted – that’s been going on for over a thousand years – but are being liquidated. I am no great admirer of the MSM but that seems pretty newsworthy to me.

  3. crystal says:

    I’m pretty confused about what’s going on but I did notice the recent murders via beheading because of the possible British nationality of the person who did the murders … I’d read some novels a few years ago that touched on that scenario of European-born terrorists. Maybe those victims who did make the news are at least symbols for all the other many nameless victims who have died unmentioned?

  4. Jenny2 says:

    Maybe those victims who did make the news are at least symbols for all the other many nameless victims who have died unmentioned?

    Except that almost all the victims who make the news – the big-time, front-page, indignant-editorial news – are white, from “Western” countries, and non-Muslim. That is, those with whom other white Westerners will most readily identify, and most *un*like the majority of the people actually suffering and dying, who are mainly Arab or other local populations – some Christian, the majority Muslims who are insufficiently Islamic for ISIS and the like-minded. Which is why so much Western discourse about “Muslims” treats hundreds of thousands of innocent people as if ISIS actually represented them.

    BTW, since there is every sign that our own “leaders” are headed right back to war – with all the attendant waste of lives and treasure – it behoves us all to ensure that we’re as clear-headed about what’s going on as possible.

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