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Veneration Outside of Liturgy

Remember our discussion last year on a place to venerate the cross after the Good Friday liturgy? Who remembered to keep the candles lit till the church closed? Is Saturday still a day to ponder the cross, or is it more … Continue reading

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Another Psalm for Good Friday

The Lectionary gives us the 31st today during the Liturgy of the Word. We sang Psalm 22 this past weekend, as we do every Palm Sunday. A few of you readers may know of my regard for Psalm 69, last … Continue reading

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A Palm Bird

I believe in the practice, as much as is possible, of looking for that nudge from the divine. Even at liturgy, that word, phrase, or image–much as we might do with Lectio Divina–might beckon us to go deeper in some way. … Continue reading

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A Case of Conscience, Or Not

Diane Montagna of Aleteia heard the word from Cardinal Robert Sarah on Holy Thursday foot washing that is raising temperature levels in conversations on the Catholic internet: The prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments told … Continue reading

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Meaning Behind the Holy Thursday Mandatum

Liam asks a great question of me: So….would you prefer not to bother with the ritual at all? It would be play-acting regardless of the number of people who do it, right? I’m going to take the long way around … Continue reading

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Take the 69th

If we did not have Psalm 22 or 31, what would Christians sing on Good Friday? Perhaps Psalm 69. Is the savior consumed by anger, as is hinted in John 2:13ff, or is he consumed as in spent, emptied, and … Continue reading

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What To Do On Good Friday

Things that seem out of place on Good Friday: going out to eat, watching tv, eating sweets, talking loud, drinking coffee or beer, sleeping late even if one has a day off. Things that seem appropriate: praying a bit more, … Continue reading

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