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Meaning Behind the Holy Thursday Mandatum

Liam asks a great question of me: So….would you prefer not to bother with the ritual at all? It would be play-acting regardless of the number of people who do it, right? I’m going to take the long way around … Continue reading

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Take the 69th

If we did not have Psalm 22 or 31, what would Christians sing on Good Friday? Perhaps Psalm 69. Is the savior consumed by anger, as is hinted in John 2:13ff, or is he consumed as in spent, emptied, and … Continue reading

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What To Do On Good Friday

Things that seem out of place on Good Friday: going out to eat, watching tv, eating sweets, talking loud, drinking coffee or beer, sleeping late even if one has a day off. Things that seem appropriate: praying a bit more, … Continue reading

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Lovely word. I read Sean Salai’s interview of film critic Steven Greydanus. There the interviewee sermonized on Lenten discipline: I think the official ascesis of the Latin Church today, what we call fasting and abstinence, is pitifully lax. Meatless Fridays … Continue reading

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‘Twas the Night Before …

Is Wednesday a night for spies? A merciful addition to the Holy Week calendar, perhaps? It’s a busy liturgical night in the parish with practices for all three Triduum liturgies taking place. I opened up my dulcimer case–broken string! No … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Short Passions?

It’s been a few decades since I was in a parish that used missalettes during Holy Week, so I had nearly forgotten that there’s an option for a “shorter” Passion narrative. You can probably guess my personal assessment of the … Continue reading

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Holy Week Open Thread

The Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week are often the respite before Triduum. But God is as likely to move in our hearts if we are ready these days. My parish has a penance liturgy on Monday. The usual adoration … Continue reading

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