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One Easter Psalm

Psalm 30 is appointed for the Lectionary for the Third Sunday of Easter, cycle C. Yesterday’s psalm, in fact. It also appears after the prescribed Isaiah 54 reading in the Easter Vigil. Twice in fifteen days. Our parish repertoire includes … Continue reading

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RCIA 475-476: Reception Centers on the Eucharist

These two sections remind us of the centrality of the Eucharist in this rite. I can’t imagine celebrating a baptized Christian’s full communion with the Catholic Church without it, but apparently, the framers of the rite could: 475. In regard … Continue reading

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Fourth Point

David Gibson’s WaPo piece takes aim at five myths he sees in the current Catholic scandal. Addressing number four, the supposed media bias, he capably eviscerates the notion that print and video media have a campaign of any type of … Continue reading

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