Liturgiam Authenticam 104-105

The CDWDS may take over, preparing translations and approving them:

104. For the good of the faithful, the Holy See reserves to itself the right to prepare translations in any language, and to approve them for liturgical use.[Code of Canon Law, cann. 333, 360; Pope John Paul II, Apost. Const. Pastor Bonus, 28 June 1988, art. 62-65: AAS 80 (1988) 876-877; cf. S. Congr. for Divine Worship, Letter to the Presidents of the Conferences of Bishops De normis servandis quoad libros liturgicos in vulgus edendos, illorum translatione in linguas hodiernas peracta, 25 October 1973, n. 1: AAS 66 (1974) 98] Nevertheless, even if the Apostolic See, by means of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, may intervene from time to time out of necessity in the preparation of translations, it still belongs to the competent Conference of Bishops to approve their assumption into liturgical use within the boundaries of a given ecclesiastical territory, unless otherwise explicitly indicated in the decree of approbation of the translation promulgated by the Apostolic See. Afterwards, for the purpose of obtaining the recognitio of the Holy See, the Conference shall transmit the decree of approbation for its territory together with the text itself, in accordance with the norms of this Instruction and of the other requirements of the law.

105. For reasons such as those set forth in nn. 76 and 84 above or for other urgent reasons of pastoral need, commissions, councils, committees, or work groups depending directly on the Apostolic See are established by decree of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments for the purpose of working on the translation either of individual liturgical books or of several.  In this case, insofar as possible, at least some of the Bishops involved in the matter will be consulted.


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