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Cocoa & Gobbling

My wife has begun my diet program. She dislikes a wider range of the prepared foods. Vanilla pudding is one. It’s too … vanilla. There’s only 15 calories per tablespoon of cocoa, so I suggested she try adding that chocolate … Continue reading

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The Phoenix Principle

Check out Rock’s one-minute clip from the beginning of the Papal Mass. The musings at PrayTell (thanks for the tip) focus in part on the looks coming from the upper clergy–like somebody put dried cat droppings in the thurible. Common … Continue reading

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GDC 4: Catechesis as an Evangelical Work

The GDC reviews some of the collaborative work done in the universal Church in the 70’s: 4. The reflections of the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops of October 1974 on the theme of Evangelization in the Contemporary World … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 91

Let’s touch on some issues with non-Catholics, speaking of the coordination of Scriptural and other translations: 91. A similar agreement is desirable also with the particular non-Catholic Eastern Churches or with the authorities of the Protestant ecclesial communities, [Dei Verbum … Continue reading

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