Mediator Dei 6

Pope Pius XII reminds bishops of his own initiatives, emphasizing seminary training in the externals of liturgy:

6. You are surely well aware that this Apostolic See has always made careful provision for the schooling of the people committed to its charge in the correct spirit and practice of the liturgy; and that it has been no less careful to insist that the sacred rites should be performed with due external dignity. In this connection We ourselves, in the course of our traditional address to the Lenten preachers of this gracious city of Rome in 1943, urged them warmly to exhort their respective hearers to more faithful participation in the eucharistic sacrifice. Only a short while previously, with the design of rendering the prayers of the liturgy more correctly understood and their truth and unction more easy to perceive, We arranged to have the Book of Psalms, which forms such an important part of these prayers in the Catholic Church, translated again into Latin from their original text.[Cf. Apostolic Letter (Motu Proprio) In cotidianis precibus, March 24, 1945]

And yet another nod to lay participation. Did you catch it? Let’s see it again:

We ourselves … urged (Roman clergy) warmly to exhort their respective hearers to more faithful participation in the eucharistic sacrifice.

Pope Pius also advocates an easier perception of the liturgy.

I’m not as sure about the efficacy of another psalm translation from Hebrew to Latin. Something in the vernacular might have been more helpful. For all the advocacy for the Liturgy of the Hours, and its wide failure to latch on among laity, I suppose we can be thankful that we no longer have an expectation to pray it in Latin.

Mediator Dei on the Vatican web site.

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2 Responses to Mediator Dei 6

  1. Liam says:

    Here’s the explanation for the new psalter translation. This was broadened a generation later into the project that became the Nova Vulgata edition.

  2. Jim McCrea says:

    Along with the photo you had accompanying this posting, you might also include this/these:

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