Imitating Women In Inappropriate Relationships

Is this just a coincidence, or a sign of the low imagination levels of tv writers when it comes to scripting women …

One of my wife’s favorite programs, NCIS, kicked off with a Secret Service agent having an affair. At the end of the first episode, she joins the NCIS team. I recall a family favorite, Warehouse 13, same thing with the female lead. I’ve been watching some of the series Fringe, and after the pilot episode, something seemed too familiar. Sexual affair with a colleague. Colleague dies. Woman becomes strong and independent in the realization of the series.

Fringe came before the Warehouse so bad on the copycats at SyFy.

That’s my main problem with television–it strikes me as a wholly derivative medium. And tv writers seem rather impoverished when it comes to the skill of telling good stories. Oh, there are exceptions. I would love to enjoy a sf tv series with the writing quality of NCIS.

Fringe had a clear step up from most anything else I’ve seen on tv, science fiction. Comic relief, but not too much silliness. Good character development and a slow release of an interesting story arc, at least through the middle of season 2.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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