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Dies Domini 74: Christ The Alpha And Omega Of Time

Let’s start a look at the final chapter, “Dies Dierum,” and we’ll begin by looking at “Sunday (as) the Primordial Feast, Revealing the Meaning of Time.” This is the most brief of the five chapters. After this chapter (DD 74-80) … Continue reading

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Aparecida 44: The Secularization of Culture

The secularization of culture has come late to Latin America. Though most of the governments claim to be secular (laico), this designation comes from nineteenth century liberalism. (Note “liberal” in this sense means “freedom from”; US liberals and conservatives are … Continue reading

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As I type, Brazil has equalized against a spirited Croatia. But the bishops of the host nation are greatly displeased with their government and sport organizers. Are there enough oligarchs, the Brazilian 1%, to fill these new stadiums? Will the … Continue reading

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EG 195-196: Avoiding A Pagan Narcissism

I wonder if the ultra-defenders of Catholic orthodoxy consider they might be leaning to pagan narcissism in their reaction against the drive for charity and justice? 195. When Saint Paul approached the apostles in Jerusalem to discern whether he was … Continue reading

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