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Philip Glass at 75

Iowa State’s music & theatre department hosted a “75th Birthday Celebration” tonight. My wife and I left the young miss at home and enjoyed an evening of music. I’ve enjoyed listening to Philip Glass since the mid-80’s. When I saw … Continue reading

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GDC 125-126: The Deposit of Faith

Two sections under the title of “The Deposit of Faith and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.” The Catechism is seen as a “reference text.” It is heavily footnoted, and there one can find the source texts in Scripture and … Continue reading

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GIRM 204: More Than One Mass A Day

When can a priest preside or concelebrate more than once a day? Here’s what the GIRM says: 204. For a particular reason, having to do either with the significance of the rite or of the festivity, the faculty is given … Continue reading

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The H-Word From Harrisburg

More from the Pope Benedict School of Public Relations, Harrisburg PA bishop Joseph McFadden: In totalitarian governments, they would love our system. This is what Hitler and Mussolini and all those tried to establish: a monolith so all the children … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Daniel 12:1-3

If Daniel isn’t one of our favorite prophets, he should be. In fourteen action-packed chapters, you have unforgettable narratives: three young men dancing in a blast furnace, the handwriting on the wall, fierce animals (lions and a dragon), the sweep … Continue reading

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Almost Missing Eros

I guess I’ve been too busy with family and Church things to pay much attention to the skies lately. Universe Today startled me this morning with a post on the (relatively) close approach of the asteroid Eros. Tomorrow: sixteen million … Continue reading

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GIRM 200-203: More on Concelebration

The following sections provide some basic legislation on the practice: 200. Visiting Priests should be gladly admitted to concelebration of the Eucharist, provided their Priestly standing has been ascertained. I’ve always wondered how priests present their credentials when traveling. As … Continue reading

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