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Denial of Communion: A “Personnel Issue”?

One good thing about not following the usual Catholic suspects this Lent is that I’m missing out on stories like this. Woman denied Communion at her mother’s funeral. Presider walks out during the eulogy. Later sends message he refuses to … Continue reading

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Does College Alienate?

Mr Santorum has been putting his foot in it, hasn’t he? Alienate the campus ministries, and the rest of the world’s not far behind. Thom Rainer, president of the Southern Baptists’ LifeWay Christian Resources research firm: There is no statistical … Continue reading

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Enter The Rabbit Hole

Another chapter in the Rowe/Braxton flap over making up the words. Maybe this is why we’re seeing more canon law experts and fewer liturgists in the episcopacy. The whole thing strikes me as illustrative of how down-the-rabbit-hole church ministry has … Continue reading

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GDC 163-164: “The Kingdom is for all”

Another milestone in our examination of the GDC: we’ve reached Part Four, “Those to be catechized.” This part is divided into five chapters covering numbered sections 167 through 214. The GDC gives two illustrative quotes at the commencement of its … Continue reading

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GIRM 311: The Places for the Faithful

Whats up in the nave? After multiple posts about altar,ambo, and chair, let’s find out. Participation, naturally, is the first consideration: 311. Places for the faithful should be arranged with appropriate care so that they are able to participate in … Continue reading

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Ministry At The Mall

Twice, I’ve almost moved to Portland. It would be cool to visit this guy, but then quickly get out of the way so he could keep talking with those who need it. We try to impress on our students the … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Lamentations 3:17-26

One great expression of hope gets set up by a strong lament. Are you willing to engage the feeling of lament and grief so directly at the funeral? If so, here might be your reading: My soul is deprived of … Continue reading

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