RDCA II, 20: Pastoral Preparation

It’s not every day a community will dedicate a church. The aim of preparation is participation: active, intelligent, and devout, (2003 ICEL: “conscious, devout, and active”) as the rite says:

20. In order that the people may take part fully in the rite of dedication, the rector of the church to be dedicated and others experienced in the pastoral ministry are to instruct them on the import of the celebration and its spiritual, ecclesial, and evangelizing power.

Accordingly, the people are to be instructed about the various parts of the church and their use, the rite of dedication, and the chief liturgical symbols employed in it. Thus led by suitable pastoral resources to a full understanding of the meaning of the dedication of a church through its rites and prayers, they will take an active, intelligent, and devout part in the sacred service.

When my current parish renovated in the nineties, a parishioner involved on the committee remarked how the clergy frequently referred to aspects of the new nave and narthex before the renovation was complete. The homily is obviously a key part of this catechesis. I’d say it’s also important to develop a deeper undertstanding on parish committees and sub-committees. I have very positive experiences when I served another renovating parish in 1995-96.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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