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To some Catholics, the fruits of Vatican II are in doubt. MoreĀ Catholics receiving Communion, reading the Bible, RCIA, deacons, lay ministers–probably good fruits. Fewer priests and sisters, more uncertainty about who believes what, and liturgies with the Easter Bunny and … Continue reading

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Not Good

After mowing yesterday, my head was sore. That, despite popping (unprompted) the pill my wife usually has to insist I swallow. And no wonder, TWC’s pollen alert: Type Level Tree High Grass Very High Weed Moderate Grass is my worst … Continue reading

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Ruth: The Path of Loyalty

Iowa State Commencement today marks the end of an academic year. I’ve already had to say goodbye to a number of students. And with last month’s Holy Week, Triduum, Confirmation, and First Communion squarely behind us at the parish, we … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Hymns

Two hymns deep in Catholic devotion. Only one will advance to the Spiritual Sixteen. I suspect the Soul Of My Savior/How Great Thou Art was not an inspiring pairing for some of you. I split up each bracket into a … Continue reading

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RDCA I, 24-25: Blessing the Site

After the homily (I, 22) and the signing of documents and their placement in the foundation stone (I, 23) the bishop “takes off the miter, rises, and blesses the site of the new church.” The following prayer is given: Lord, … Continue reading

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GDC 251-252: “Higher institutes for experts in catechesis”

Catechetical expertise for priests and lay people should be cultivated at a unioversity level: 251. A higher level of catechetical formation to which priests, religious and laity might have access is of vital importance for catechesis. In this regard it … Continue reading

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